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Ericsson WCDMA 2100MHz RRU, 40W KRC161 134/4 Model RRU22 21IV40

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Ericsson WCDMA 2100MHz RRU, 40W KRC161 134/4 Model RRU22 21IV40
Published: November 5, 2010 Content info: 83 Pages

This publication has been discontinued on July 1, 2016.



This report covers the design analysis of an Ericsson WCDMA 2100MHz RRU22 21IV40 40W Remote Radio Unit. This unit is part of the RBS3418/3518 WCDMA base station platform for Ericsson. The unit was manufactured in Q1 2008.

Key Findings:

  • The RF power amplifier uses a unique combiner technology and the there is a dual transmitter design used.
  • Ericsson used an extremely compact third party power supply solution for the RRU.
  • The TRx is similar to the Ericsson RU22 design
  • Custom VCO modules are used for the transmit and receive timing

Component and semiconductor suppliers mentioned in this report include: Analog Devices, Altera, Anaren Microwave, ATC, Atmel, Avago Technologies, Coilcraft, Epcos AG, Epson Toyocom. Fairchild Semiconductor, Freescale Semiconductor, Fujitsu Microelectronics, Hittite Microwave, Infineon Technologies, Integrated Device Technology, International Rectifier, Linear Technology, M/A-COM, Maxim Integrated Products, Micron, National Semiconductor, NDK, Nippon Chemi-Con, NXP Semiconductors, ON Semiconductor, RF MicroDevices, Skyworks Solutions, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, TriQuint Semiconductors and Xilinx.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


  • Active/Passive Component Summary
  • Important Note:


  • Overview of RBS3402/3418/3518 BBU/RRU Product Offering


  • Mechanical Analysis
  • Sun Shield/Mounting Frame
  • RRU Metal Mounting Frame
  • Digital System Housing (RRU Chassis)
  • Fan Unit
  • Digital/RF Cables


  • Alarm Indicator Panel


  • Digital Processor and TRx PCB
  • Area A: Baseband Signal Processing
  • Area B: Power Management
  • Area C: TRx Dual RF Transmitter
  • Area D: TRx Diversity Receiver
  • Area E: Tx Timing Section
  • Area F: Tx RF Sampling Circuit
  • Area G: Receiver Timing
  • Fiber Optic Transceiver PCB
  • TRx RF Shield


  • RRU RF Power Amplifier
  • RF Power Amplifier Shield
  • RF Power Amplifier Heat Sink
  • RRU RF Subsystem Duplexer Cavity Filter/TMA
  • Area X: Low Noise Amplifier
  • Area Y: Power Management
  • Area Z: TMA Scanning Receiver




  • Table 1: Ericsson W-CDMA RRU Types
  • Table 2: RRU RF/Digital Cables Bill of Materials
  • Table 3: RRU Protection Circuit Bill of Materials
  • Table 4: Alarm Indicator Panel Bill of Materials
  • Table 5: Area A Bill of Materials
  • Table 6: Area B Bill of Materials
  • Table 7: Area C Bill of Materials
  • Table 8: Area D Bill of Materials
  • Table 9: Area E Bill of Materials
  • Table 10: Area F Bill of Materials
  • Table 11: Area G Bill of Materials
  • Table 12: RRU Fiber Optic Transceiver PCB Module Bill of Materials, Top
  • Table 13: RRU Fiber Optic Transceiver PCB Module Bill of Materials, Bottom
  • Table 14: RF Power Amplifier Area I Bill of Materials
  • Table 15: RF Power Amplifier Area J Bill of Materials
  • Table 16: Area X Bill of Materials
  • Table 17: Area Y Bill of Materials
  • Table 18: Area Z Bill of Materials
  • Table 19: Passive Component Case Size Distribution by System Subsection
  • Table 20: Identified Passive Component Supplier Distribution by System Subsection
  • Table 21: Active/Passive Component Distribution by System Subsection
  • Table 22: Active Semiconductor/Component Vendor Distribution by System Subsection


  • Exhibit 1: Ericsson RBS3000 W-CDMA NodeB System
  • Exhibit 2: Ericsson RRU 22IV40 System Block Diagram
  • Exhibit 3: RRU Sun Shield External View
  • Exhibit 4: RRU Sun Shield Internal View
  • Exhibit 5: RRU Mounting Frame w/brackets
  • Exhibit 6: RRU Mounting Frame External/Internal Views
  • Exhibit 7: RRU Mounting Frame Side Views
  • Exhibit 8: RRU FCC ID Label
  • Exhibit 9: RRU Fan Unit, External with Cover Removed
  • Exhibit 10: RRU Fan Unit, Internal
  • Exhibit 11: RRU, Top View with Fan Unit (L), Bottom View w/o Fan Unit (R)
  • Exhibit 12: RRU, End View
  • Exhibit 13: RRU Chassis Internal View
  • Exhibit 14: RRU RF Cables Diagram
  • Exhibit 15: RRU Power Supply Product Label
  • Exhibit 16: RRU Power Supply Front/Back Views
  • Exhibit 17: RRU Power Supply Side View
  • Exhibit 18: RRU Protection Circuit PCB Component Diagram, Top View
  • Exhibit 19: RRU Protection Circuit PCB, Bottom View
  • Exhibit 20: RRU Alarm Indicator Panel Circuit Component Diagram
  • Exhibit 21: RRU Digital Processor/TRX PCB, Top View
  • Exhibit 22: RRU Digital Processor/TRX PCB, Bottom View
  • Exhibit 23: Area A Component Diagram
  • Exhibit 24: Area B Component Diagram
  • Exhibit 25: Area C Component Diagram
  • Exhibit 26: Dual Tx Path Block Diagram
  • Exhibit 27: Area D Component Diagram
  • Exhibit 28: Diversity Dual Rx Block Diagram
  • Exhibit 29: Area E Component Diagram
  • Exhibit 30: Area F Component Diagram
  • Exhibit 31: RRU Transmit (Tx) Sampling receiver Path Block Diagram
  • Exhibit 32: Area G Component Diagram
  • Exhibit 33: RRU Fiber Optic TRx Module
  • Exhibit 34: Fiber Optic TRx Metal Cover
  • Exhibit 35: RRU Fiber Optic Transceiver
  • Exhibit 36: RRU Fiber Optic Transceiver PCB Module Component Diagram, Top View
  • Exhibit 37: RRU Fiber Optic Transceiver PCB Module Component Diagram, Bottom View
  • Exhibit 38: TRx RF Shield External View
  • Exhibit 39: TRx RF Shield Internal View
  • Exhibit 40: RRU RF Subsystem Internal View
  • Exhibit 41: Tx Path Block Diagram
  • Exhibit 42: RRU RF Power Amplifier Area I Component Diagram
  • Exhibit 43: RRU RF Power Amplifier Area J Component Diagram
  • Exhibit 44: RF Power Transistor Clamp Assembly
  • Exhibit 45: RF Power Amplifier PCB, Bottom View
  • Exhibit 46: RF Power Amplifier Shield, External View
  • Exhibit 47: RF Power Amplifier Shield, Internal View
  • Exhibit 48: RF Power Amplifier Heat Sink, Internal View
  • Exhibit 49: RF Power Amplifier Heat Sink, Side View
  • Exhibit 50: RF Power Amplifier Heat Sink, External View
  • Exhibit 51: RRU Duplexer Filter/TMA, Top View
  • Exhibit 52: RRU Duplexer Filter/TMA, Bottom View
  • Exhibit 53: RRU Duplexer/TMA RF Shield, Internal View
  • Exhibit 54: RRU Duplexer Filter Tuning Screws
  • Exhibit: 55: RRU Duplexer Filter Tx/Rx Paths
  • Exhibit 56: RRU TMA PCB, Bottom View
  • Exhibit 57: RRU TMA/Duplexer Filter Baseplate
  • Exhibit 58: RRU TMA, Top View
  • Exhibit 59: Area X Component Diagram
  • Exhibit 60: TMA Block Diagram
  • Exhibit 61: Area Y Component Diagram
  • Exhibit 62: Area Z Component Diagram
  • Exhibit 63: Passive Component Case Size Distribution
  • Exhibit 64: Identified Passive Component Market Share by Vendor
  • Exhibit 65: Active Semiconductor Component Share
  • Exhibit 66: High Pin Count IC vs Discrete
  • Exhibit 67: Active Semiconductor Market Share by Vendor
  • Exhibit 68: High Pin Count (64+) Active Semiconductor Market Share by Vendor
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