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Sapphire-Based Fiber Optic Sensors Global Market Forecast 2018-2024

Published: | ElectroniCast | 37 Pages | Delivery time: 1-2 business days


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Sapphire-Based Fiber Optic Sensors Global Market Forecast 2018-2024
Published: June 13, 2018
Content info: 37 Pages
Delivery time: 1-2 business days
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This is the ElectroniCast forecast of global market consumption value of component-level sapphire-based fiber optic sensors. Sapphire is the hardest material and has the highest melting point of any transparent material that is commonly available. The use of sapphire is desirable when fiber optic sensors are used in certain harsh environments, since sapphire is a chemical and scratch resistant material with a melting point of 2,072°C.

In addition to the properties of sapphire itself, this report addresses packaging technology, such as radiation hardening (Rad-Hard), rough handling and other concerns of the use of sensors in harsh environments. This Executive Summary study report also provides selected research paper abstracts, as well as product descriptions and other relative information researched by ElectroniCast.


The 2018-2024 market forecast data presented in this study report are segmented into the following geographic regions, plus a Global summary:

  • America (North America, Central and South America)
  • EMEA (Europe, Middle Eastern countries, plus Africa)
  • APAC (Asia Pacific)

Sensor Types

The data in this study are presented in two independent sorts:

  • Sapphire-based Distributed Fiber Optic Sensor - component level
  • Sapphire-based Point Fiber Optic Sensors - component level


The market forecast of the sapphire-based fiber optic sensors systems is further segmented by application, as follows:

Industrial (Manufacturing Process/Factory) Military/Aerospace Energy (Petrochemical/ Nuclear Power/Utilities/Natural Resources)

Fiber Optic Sensors- Market Research By ElectroniCast

Overall, fiber optic sensor technology has experienced impressive growth since ElectroniCast first started providing market and technology analysis of the subject since the early 1980s. In fact our analysts were tracking the various advanced photonic technologies, since 1976. In regards to fiber optic sensors, laboratory demonstrations in the 1970s of fiber-optic gyros and acoustic sensors eventually led to the introduction of the first commercial intensity and spectrally based sensors.

About ElectroniCast

ElectroniCast, founded in 1981, specializes in forecasting technology and global market trends in fiber optics communication components and devices.

As an independent consultancy we offer multi-client and custom market research studies to the world's leading companies based on comprehensive, in- depth analysis of quantitative and qualitative factors. This includes technology forecasting, markets and applications forecasting, strategic planning, competitive analysis, customer-satisfaction surveys and marketing/sales consultation. ElectroniCast, founded as a technology-based independent consulting firm, meets the information needs of the investment community, industry planners and related suppliers.

Proprietary Statement

All data and other information contained in this data base are proprietary to ElectroniCast and may not be distributed or provided in either original or reproduced form to anyone outside the client's internal employee organization, without prior written permission of ElectroniCast. ElectroniCast, in addition to multiple-client programs, conducts proprietary custom studies for single clients in all areas of management planning and interest. Other independent consultants, therefore, are considered directly competitive. ElectroniCast proprietary information may not be provided to such consultants without written permission from ElectroniCast Consultants.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary

1.1 Market Forecast - Overview

  • Sapphire Distributed FO Sensors Forecast by Region ($Million)
  • Sapphire Distributed FO Sensors Forecast by Application ($Million)
  • Sapphire Point FO Sensors Forecast by Region ($Million)
  • Sapphire Point FO Sensors Forecast by Application ($Million)

1.2 Technology - Overview

  • Sapphire-Based Fiber Optic Point Sensor for High Temperature
  • White Light Polarization Interferometry (WLPI) Technology
  • Reduced Mode Sapphire Fiber and Distributed Sensing System
  • Fiber Optic Sensing for Very High Temperatures
  • Sapphire fiber cladding development - harsh environment sensing
  • Fiber Sensors for Extreme Conditions
  • Sapphire-fiber-based distributed high-temperature sensing system
  • Sapphire-Based Optical Fiber Sensing
  • Package Technologies
  • Harsh Environment Optical Fiber
  • Optical Fiber coated with carbon, metal, or silicon nitride
  • Metallized Optical Fibers
  • POF for humidity insensitive high temperature FBG sensors
  • Laser Heated Pedestal Growth (LHPG) Sapphire Optical Fibers
  • Single Crystal Sapphire Optical Fiber
  • Single-Crystal Sapphire Optical Fiber Instrumentation for Coal Gasifiers
  • High Temperature Sapphire Fiber Cladding
  • Nanostructured Sapphire Optical Fiber (NSOF)
  • High temperature sensing with FBGs in sapphire-derived all-glass fibers
  • Submicron diameter single crystal sapphire optical fiber
  • Modal reduction in single crystal sapphire optical fiber (SCSF)
  • Sapphire photonic crystal fiber chemical sensing
  • Sapphire Optical Fiber Sensor Fabrication
  • Fusion Splicing of Sapphire and Silica Optical Fibers