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Private Security Services (US Market & Forecast)

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Private Security Services (US Market & Forecast)
Published: May 31, 2015 Content info: 412 Pages

US demand to rise nearly 5% annually through 2019

Demand for US private security services is projected to expand nearly five percent per year through 2019 to approximately $68 billion. Gains will be supported by accelerating economic activity, particularly as new businesses form and existing companies continue to loosen their corporate budgets. Revenues will benefit from a strong rebound in new nonresidential construction and a continuing recovery in residential construction activity, as well as major improvement and renovation projects, as most major changes to security service spending occur during these times. Demand will also be aided by ongoing real and perceived concerns about crime. The usage of contracted security is supported by the regulatory burden of fielding an in-house security force as well as the fact that security, while important, is not a core competency for most businesses.

Alarm monitoring to gain market share

Technological innovations in the security industry complement and compete with various types of security services. For instance, heightened interest in digital video surveillance and related analytics, coupled with plans to integrate alarms into smart home and facility management functions, drives demand for services such as systems integration, security consulting, and alarm monitoring. Alarm monitoring will account for nearly one-third of security service spending in 2019, benefiting from an expected re-bound in new construction, particularly in the large nonresidential market, as well as the addition of more advanced services such as voice response and video moni-toring. In addition, rapid growth in the smaller personal emergency response system (PERS) segment will be spurred by the aging population and interest in aging in place, as well as the development of mobile monitoring and other service options that are fueling monthly contract rates.

Guarding services to remain largest segment

Guarding services accounted for the largest share of revenues in 2014 and will continue to do so through 2019. Even in an increasingly technological environment, conventional manned services are still necessary to monitor the equipment and provide a deterrent effect and an immediate response to an event. Gains will be supported by increasing use of highly trained guards who can work with more advanced security systems, as well as growing usage of private guards in locations such as government buildings and schools, hospitals, and other institutional facilities that have historically been more likely to utilize in-house guards.

Systems integration, security consulting to pace key nonresidential market

The nonresidential market accounts for the vast majority of private security services revenues, with growth in the economy, new business creation, and loosening budgets all contributing to gains. Within the nonresidential market, guarding accounts for nearly half of all private security service spending; how-ever, less mature services such as systems integration and security consulting will register more rapid gains through 2019. In contrast to the nonresidential market, residential demand is dominated by alarm monitoring, particularly intrusion and fire alarm monitoring; however, demand for PERS alarm monitoring -- a niche seg-ment -- is expected to double during the 2014-2019 period.

Study coverage

‘Private Security Services’ presents historical demand data (2004, 2009, 2014) plus forecasts (2019, 2024) by type, market, and US region. The study also assesses market environment factors, examines industry structure, evaluates company market share and pro-files 35 US industry players such as ADT, AlliedBarton Security Services, Brink's, CCA, CEO Group, G4S, Securitas and Tyco International.

Table of Contents
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Table of Contents




  • General
  • Demographic & Social Environment
    • Demographic Trends
    • Employment Outlook
  • Macroeconomic Environment
  • Consumer Spending Trends
  • Building Construction Outlook
  • Business Establishment Trends
  • Manufacturing Outlook
  • Retail Sales Outlook
  • Service Sector Outlook
  • Public Safety Environment
    • Crime
      • Violent Crimes
      • Property Crimes
      • Terrorism & Other Nonconventional Crimes
        • Terrorism
        • Other Nonconventional Crimes
    • Adult Inmate Trends
    • Fire
  • Technological Environment
  • Regulatory Environment
    • Security Guards
    • Alarm Monitoring
    • Private Investigators
    • Correctional Facility Management
    • Armored Transport
    • Pre-Employment Screening
    • Others
  • World Market


  • General
  • Guarding
    • Market Trends
      • Pre-Employment Screening
      • Training
      • Wages & Benefits
    • Applications
    • Vendors & Market Share
  • Alarm Monitoring Services
    • Residential Intrusion & Fire
      • Market Trends
      • Market Threats
    • Nonresidential
    • Personal Emergency Response System
    • Vendors & Market Share
      • Competition
      • Leading Vendors
  • Private Investigation Services
    • Market Trends
    • Vendors
  • Correctional Facility Management
    • Market Trends
    • Market Threats
    • Vendors & Market Share
  • Systems Integration & Management
    • Services & Technologies
    • Vendors
  • Armored Transport Services
    • Traditional Armored Transport
    • ATM Servicing & Other
      • ATMs
      • Other Services
    • Vendors & Market Share
  • Security Consulting
    • Services
    • Vendors
  • Pre-Employment Screening
    • Market Trends
    • Vendors
  • Other Security Services


  • General
  • Nonresidential
    • Commercial
      • Commercial Offices & Office Buildings
      • Financial Institutions
      • Retail
      • Other Commercial
    • Government
    • Industrial
      • Manufacturing Facilities
      • Warehouses
    • Institutional
      • Healthcare Facilities
      • Schools
      • Other Institutional Markets
    • Other Nonresidential Markets
      • Public Venues
      • All Other
  • Residential
    • Alarm Monitoring
    • Guarding & Other Services


  • General
  • Regional Demographic & Economic Trends
    • Population Patterns
    • Economic Outlook
  • Construction Activity
  • Public Safety Trends
  • Regional Crime Rates
    • Local Crime Trends
    • Fire Trends
  • Regional Private Security Service Overview
  • Northeast
    • Market Outlook
    • New England
    • Middle Atlantic
  • Midwest
    • Market Outlook
    • East North Central
    • West North Central
  • South
    • Market Outlook
    • South Atlantic
    • East South Central
    • West South Central
  • West
    • Market Outlook
    • Mountain
    • Pacific
  • Major Metropolitan Areas
  • Correctional Facility Management


  • General
  • Industry Composition
    • Guarding Firms
    • Alarm Monitoring Firms
    • Private Investigation Firms
    • Correctional Facility Management Firms
    • Armored Transport Firms
    • Security Systems Integration Firms
    • Security Consulting Firms
    • Pre-Employment Screening Firms
  • Market Share
  • Competitive Strategies
  • Marketing
    • Nonresidential
    • Residential
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Cooperative Agreements

Company Profiles

  • ABM Industries Incorporated
  • Accuity Holdings, see RELX Group
  • ADT Corporation
  • Akal Security Incorporated
  • AlliedBarton Security Services LLC
  • Altegrity Incorporated
  • APX Group Holdings Incorporated
  • Armstrong Group
  • Automatic Data Processing Incorporated
  • BI, see GEO Group
  • Brink's Company
  • Centerra Group LLC
  • Coastal International Security, see Akal Security
  • Correctional Alternatives, see Corrections Corporation of America
  • Corrections Corporation of America
  • Day & Zimmermann Group Incorporated
  • Diebold Incorporated
  • Diversco Integrated Services, see ABM Industries
  • Doyon-Akal JV, see Akal Security
  • Dunbar Companies
  • Garda World Security Corporation
  • GEO Group Incorporated
  • G4S plc
  • Gregg Protection Services, see Centerra Group
  • Guardian Protection Services, see Armstrong Group
  • Guardsmark LLC
  • HireRight, see Altegrity
  • Honeywell International Incorporated
  • Inter-Con Security Systems Incorporated
  • Johnson Controls Incorporated
  • Kroll, see Altegrity
  • Loomis AB
  • Management & Training Corporation
  • Monitronics International Incorporated
  • Pacific Security Integrations, see Protection One
  • Paragon Systems, see Securitas
  • Philips Lifeline, see Royal Philips Electronics
  • Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations, see Securitas
  • Protection One Incorporated
  • Red Hawk Fire and Security US
  • Reed Elsevier Group, see RELX Group
  • RELX Group plc
  • Royal Philips NV
  • Securitas AB
  • Security Networks, see Monitronics International
  • Siemens AG
  • SimplexGrinnell, see Tyco International
  • Slomin's Incorporated
  • Software House, see Tyco International
  • Sonitrol, see Stanley Black & Decker
  • Stanley Black & Decker Incorporated
  • TransCor America, see Corrections Corporation of America
  • Tyco International plc
  • Universal Services of America LP
  • US Security Associates Incorporated
  • Vector Security Incorporated
  • VIA MAT Holding, see Loomis
  • Vintage Security, see Protection One
  • Visonic, see Tyco International
  • Westfire, see Tyco International
  • WorldCompliance, see RELX Group
  • Other Companies Mentioned In This Study



  • Summary Table


  • Population & Households
  • Employment Outlook
  • Macroeconomic Indicators
  • Personal Consumption Expenditures
  • Building Construction Expenditures
  • Business Establishments
  • Manufacturers' Shipments
  • Retail Sales
  • Service Income
  • Public Safety Sector Employment, 2004-2013
  • Violent Crime Levels, 2004-2013
  • Property Crime Levels, 2004-2013
  • Incidences of Terrorism in the US, 2004-2013
  • Selected Other Nonconventional Crimes, 2004-2013
  • Adult Inmate Population
  • Fire Levels & Losses, 2004-2013


  • Private Security Service Revenues
  • Security Guard Revenues
  • Alarm Monitoring Service Revenues
  • Residential Intrusion & Fire Alarm Monitoring Market
  • Nonresidential Alarm Monitoring Market
  • Personal Emergency Response System Monitoring Market
  • Private Investigation Revenues
  • Correctional Facility Management Revenues
  • Selected Correctional Facility Management
  • Contract Agreements
  • Systems Integration & Management Service Revenues
  • Armored Transport Service Revenues
  • Security Consulting Revenues
  • Pre-Employment Screening Service Revenues
  • Other Security Service Revenues


  • Private Security Service Revenues by Market
  • Nonresidential Security Service Revenues by Market
  • Commercial Security Service Revenues by Service & Sector
  • Commercial Offices & Office Buildings Security Service Revenues
  • Financial Institutions Security Service Revenues
  • Retail Security Service Revenues
  • Other Commercial Security Service Revenues
  • Government Security Service Revenues
  • Industrial Security Service Revenues by Service & Market
  • Institutional Security Service Revenues by Service & Market
  • Higher Education Campus Crime Levels, 2004-2013
  • Other Nonresidential Security Service Revenues by Service & Market
  • Residential Security Service Revenues


  • Population by Region
  • Gross Domestic Product by Region
  • Construction Expenditures by Region
  • Crimes Rates by Region, 2004-2013
  • Reported Crimes & Crime Rates by Type of Area, 2004-2013
  • Regional Fire Overview, 2014
  • Private Security Service Market by Region
  • Northeast Security Market Profile, 2014
  • Northeast Security Service Revenues by Subregion
  • Midwest Security Service Market Profile, 2014
  • Midwest Security Service Revenues by Subregion
  • South Security Service Market Profile, 2014
  • South Security Service Revenues by Subregion
  • West Security Service Market Profile, 2014
  • West Security Service Revenues by Subregion
  • Private Security Service Market Profile by Selected Major Metropolitan Areas, 2014
  • Private Security Service Revenues by Selected Major Metropolitan Areas


  • Private Security Service Revenues by Company, 2014
  • Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures
  • Selected Cooperative Agreements



  • Safety Sector Employment, 2014
  • US Crime Rates, 2004-2013
  • World Security Service Market, 2014


  • Security Service Revenues by Types of Service, 2014
  • Security Guard Market Share, 2014
  • Alarm Monitoring Revenues by Market, 2014
  • Alarm Monitoring Market Share, 2014
  • Correctional Facility Management Market Share, 2014
  • Armored Transport Service Market Share, 2014


  • Private Security Service Revenues by Market, 2004-2024
  • Nonresidential Security Service Revenues by Market, 2014


  • Crime Rates by Region, 2004-2013
  • Private Security Service Market by Region, 2014
  • Percent of State & Federal Inmates Held Under Private
  • Correctional Facility Management Contracts by Subregion, 2014


  • Private Security Service Market Share, 2014
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