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Transformative Mega Trends in the United States through 2030

Published by Frost & Sullivan Product code 1003647
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Transformative Mega Trends in the United States through 2030
Published: April 21, 2021 Content info: 105 Pages

Transformational Growth Opportunities in a Country Facing Converging Forces of Change

Life in America, chapter 1 of a 3-part series, examines the complex intersections of social, education, work, political, economic, and urbanization trends set to converge in the next decade.

As these trends collide, businesses must prepare for a number of strategic imperatives. Key among these are geopolitical chaos, transformative mega trends, and internal challenges. In the near term, COVID-19 will be the driving force of geopolitical chaos, but as the decade marches on, we can expect to see continual political polarization, in which digital and income divides become more pronounced.

Social trends will be among the most influential transformative mega trends, with so many social shifts set to occur: the evolution of millennials, the rise of Gen Z, an expanding elderly demographic, the growth of Hispanic and Asian populations, and increasing digital divides. Education will play a significant role as a transformative mega trend, led by the pupil cliff, pupil shifts, and the urgency of corporate reskilling. Last, businesses will face internal challenges as job automation and acceleration reconfigure the workforce.

Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Strategic Imperatives

  • Why Is It Increasingly Difficult to Grow?
  • The Strategic Imperative 8™
  • The Impact of the Top Three Strategic Imperatives on Life in America
  • Key Findings
  • Growth Opportunities Critical for Future Success
  • Growth Drivers for Life in America
  • Growth Restraints for Life in America
  • Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine™

Social Trends

  • Social Trends-Overview and Key Findings
  • Social Trends-5-to-10-year Trend Horizon
  • Social Trends-Taxonomy of Key Subtrends
  • Social Trends-Taxonomy of Key Subtrends (continued)
  • Subtrend 1-Millennials in the Prime of Adulthood
  • Millennials: The Dominant Population Cohort
  • Subtrend 2: Generation Z as Young Adults
  • Subtrend 3-Digital Shifts in the Expanding Aging Population
  • Subtrend 4-Women as Customers
  • Subtrend 5-Hispanic Influence
  • Subtrend 6-The Rise of Asian Immigration
  • Subtrend 7-Income Distribution Widens
  • Subtrend 8-Digital Disparity
  • Subtrend 9-Declining Religion
  • Subtrend 10-The Future of Family

Education Trends

  • Education Trends-Overview and Findings
  • Education Trends-5 to 10-year Trend Horizon
  • Education Trends-Taxonomy of Key Subtrends
  • Subtrend 1-The Pupil Cliff
  • Subtrend 2-The Pupil Shift
  • Subtrend 3-Shifting Education Formats: Online Education Surges
  • Subtrend 3-Shifting Education Formats: Enterprise Training Priority
  • Subtrend 3-Shifting Education Formats: Personalized Education
  • Subtrend 4-New Education Priorities: Technical Skills as Essential
  • Subtrend 4-New Education Priorities: Social-Emotional Skills
  • Subtrend 4-New Education Priorities: Life Skills and Workforce Prep
  • Subtrend 4-New Education Priorities: Improving the ROI of Education
  • Subtrend 4-New Education Priorities: Lifelong Education
  • Subtrend 5-Converging Education Technology
  • Subtrend 5-Converging Education Technology: PLCs

Future of Work

  • Future of Work-Overview and Findings
  • Future of Work Trends-5 to 10-year Trend Horizon
  • Future of Work-Taxonomy of Key Subtrends
  • Subtrend 1-A Larger, Less Participatory Workforce
  • Subtrend 2-Future Jobs in the US
  • Subtrend 3-The Telecommuting Surge
  • Subtrend 4-Job Automation = Job Transition
  • Subtrend 5-The Future of Leisure Is Digital
  • Subtrend 5-The Future of Leisure Is Digital

Political Trends

  • Political Trends-Overview and Findings
  • Political Trends-5 to 10-year Trend Horizon
  • Political Trends-Taxonomy of Key Subtrends
  • Subtrend 1-Political Polarization Scenarios
  • Subtrend 2-The Future of the Conservative Supreme Court
  • Subtrend 3-Key Initiatives from President Biden
  • Subtrend 4-Political Disruptors

Urbanization Trends

  • Urbanization-Overview and Findings
  • Urbanization Trends-5-to-10-year Trend Horizon
  • Urbanization-Taxonomy of Key Subtrends
  • Subtrend 1-Dispersed Population Density
  • Subtrend 2-Southwest Leading Growth Trajectory
  • Subtrend 3-Dueling Mega Regions
  • Subtrend 4-City and State Growth in the South and West
  • Subtrend 5-City Influence
  • Subtrend 6-The Urban-Rural Shift
  • The Urban-Rural Divide

Economic Trends

  • Economic Trends-Overview and Findings
  • Economic Trends-5-to-10-year Trend Horizon
  • Economic Trends-Taxonomy of Key Subtrends
  • Subtrend 1-US Global Economic Standing Challenged
  • Subtrend 2-GDP Dominated by Consumers
  • Subtrend 3-Federal Spending Projections
  • Subtrend 4-State Spending Projections
  • Subtrend 5-Employment Recovery
  • Subtrend 6-Notable Economic Policies
  • Subtrend 7-Trade Dynamics
  • Subtrend 8-Key Economic Risks

Growth Opportunity Universe

  • Identifying Your Company's Growth Zone
  • Growth Opportunity Levers
  • Growth Opportunity-Workforce Transition Skills Training
  • Growth Opportunity-Connected Living Solutions for the Elderly
  • Growth Opportunity-Leisure Time Revolution
  • Growth Opportunity-Connected Work

Next Steps

  • Your Next Steps
  • Why Frost, Why Now?
  • List of Exhibits
  • List of Exhibits (continued)
  • List of Exhibits (continued)
  • List of Exhibits (continued)
  • Legal Disclaimer
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