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PUBLISHER: Frost & Sullivan | PRODUCT CODE: 1127408

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PUBLISHER: Frost & Sullivan | PRODUCT CODE: 1127408

Frost Radar: Latin American Used Car Sales, 2022

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A Benchmarking System to Spark Companies to Action - Innovation That Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

Although not a fully formalized market yet, Latin American used car sales have expanded in the last few years as a result of new vehicles' high prices and reduced supply scarcity because of pandemic-related supply chain issues.

Most local used vehicle transactions happen informally. However, traditional car dealerships, online marketplaces, and online transactional companies aim to reduce this by offering broad catalogs, value-added services, a variety of financing options, and fully digital purchase experiences.

Although the main competitors are well-established companies with presence in many countries, start-ups are entering the market with disruptive products and services.

In a field of an estimated 100,000 regional industry participants, Frost & Sullivan independently plotted the top 14 companies in this Frost Radar™ analysis. The Frost Radar™ reveals the market positioning of each company using its Growth and Innovation scores as highlighted in the Frost Radar™ methodology. The document presents competitive profiles on each of the companies based on their strengths, opportunities, and market positioning. It discusses strategic market imperatives and the competitive environment that vendors operate in, and makes recommendations for each provider to spur growth.

Product Code: K7EE-41

Table of Contents

Strategic Imperative and Growth Environment

  • Strategic Imperative
  • Growth Environment
  • Growth Environment (continued)

Frost Radar™Latin American Used Car Sales

  • Frost Radar™: Latin American Used Car Sales
  • Frost Radar™: Competitive Environment
  • Frost Radar™: Competitive Environment (continued)
  • Frost Radar™: Competitive Environment (continued)

Companies to Action

  • Autoland
  • Car One
  • Carbula
  • Creditas Auto
  • Curbo
  • iCarros
  • Karvi
  • Kavak
  • Localiza
  • Mercado Libre
  • Movida
  • OLX Group (OLX and OLX Autos)
  • Unidas
  • Webmotors

Strategic Insights

  • Strategic Insights

Next Steps: Leveraging the Frost Radar™ to Empower Key Stakeholders

  • Significance of Being on the Frost Radar™
  • Frost Radar™ Empowers the CEO's Growth Team
  • Frost Radar™ Empowers Investors
  • Frost Radar™ Empowers Customers
  • Frost Radar™ Empowers the Board of Directors

Frost Radar™Analytics

  • Frost Radar™: Benchmarking Future Growth Potential
  • Frost Radar™: Benchmarking Future Growth Potential
  • Legal Disclaimer
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