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PUBLISHER: Frost & Sullivan | PRODUCT CODE: 1127416

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PUBLISHER: Frost & Sullivan | PRODUCT CODE: 1127416

Frost Radar: North American Electric Light Commercial Vehicle Market, 2022

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A Benchmarking System to Spark Companies to Action - Innovation that Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

As the North American transportation and mobility space transitions toward electrification during the next decade, new opportunities and greater demand for greener powertrain alternatives will surface. The biggest opportunities lie in battery electric technology to expedite the adoption of cleaner and more sustainable last-mile mobility. Many new participants have entered the electric light commercial vehicle (eLCV) space, drawn to the sheer potential in volume and conducive business case for the early adoption of electrification. Numerous start-ups are building eLCVs from scratch and bringing in fresh and dedicated platforms for electrification that make vehicles highly efficient. As the market evolves, OEMs and suppliers will collaborate to produce greener pickups and vans that are technologically feasible and financially viable for customers. Industry stakeholders are working together to provide customers with vital end-to-end solutions. Industry stakeholders are working together to provide customers with vital end-to-end solutions.

Improving battery chemistry and properties to lower costs and increase energy density plays a big role in accelerating the electrification potential of vehicles used in heavy-duty applications.

OEMs have saturated the market with eLCV options for delivery applications, such as severe-duty pickups, by offering higher torque and stable power output. These are requirements that OEMs can build on for favorable electric viability. Improving the business case for electrification in heavy-duty applications can prove rewarding for OEMs due to the lack of existing options in this area.

Frost & Sullivan identified 8 companies that are disrupting the emerging North American eLCV market with their cutting-edge innovation, groundbreaking technology, strong partnerships, and strategic product positioning. They are Tesla, Arrival, Rivian, Canoo, Atlis Motor Vehicles, Bollinger Motors, Workhorse Group, and Vicinity Motor Corp. These companies either have a presence already or are preparing to commercially launch eLCVs on North American roads in the near term.

Product Code: PD99-42

Table of Contents

Strategic Imperative and Growth Environment

  • Strategic Imperative
  • Growth Environment
  • Growth Environment

Frost Radar™

  • Frost Radar™:
  • Frost Radar™: Competitive Environment

Companies to Action

  • Arrival
  • Atlis Motor Vehicles
  • Bollinger Motors
  • Canoo
  • Rivian
  • Tesla
  • Vicinity Motor Corp.
  • Workhorse Group

Strategic Insights

  • Strategic Insights

Next Steps: Leveraging the Frost Radar™ to Empower Key Stakeholders

  • Significance of Being on the Frost Radar™
  • Frost Radar™ Empowers the CEO's Growth Team
  • Frost Radar™ Empowers Investors
  • Frost Radar™ Empowers Customers
  • Frost Radar™ Empowers the Board of Directors

Frost Radar™ Analytics

  • Frost Radar™: Benchmarking Future Growth Potential
  • Frost Radar™: Benchmarking Future Growth Potential
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