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Technology and Cost Comparison for Various Energy Types in South Africa

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Technology and Cost Comparison for Various Energy Types in South Africa
Published: April 20, 2012 Content info:


Answers to Investor Questions

This research service provides a high level overview of various energy generating technology types in South Africa, including nuclear, solar, hydro, wind, diesel and gas gensets, co-generation, open cycle gas turbines and closed cycle gas turbines. An introduction to each technology type is provided, along with general capital and operational expenses associated with each of them. General trends are also indicated where relevant and of interest. The main objective is to inform about alternatives to grid connectivity available in the market, their applicability and estimated relative costs. In addition, selected information on each technology type from an African perspective is also provided, serving contextual purposes.

Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction


  • Coverslide
  • Research Team
  • Contents

2. Executive Summary


  • Executive Summary

3. Energy Market Overview


  • South African Energy Market Overview-Introduction
  • South African Energy Market Overview-Objective of the Study
  • Energy Market Overview-Segmentation
  • Energy Market Overview-Definitions of Terms Used
  • Energy Market Overview-Geographic Scope
  • Africa Energy Market Overview-Market Summary
  • South Africa Energy Market Overview-Key Questions This Study Will Answer
  • Energy Market Overview-Global and Local Breakdown
  • South African Energy Market Overview-Targets
  • South African Energy Market Overview-South African Powerplant Locations

4. Energy Market Analysis and Dynamics


  • Global Energy Market Overview
  • South Africa Energy Market Background
  • Energy Market Background-Formula

5. Key Market Challenges Key Success Factors and Future Trends - Total Market


  • Key Market Challenges
  • Key Success Factors
  • Forecasts and Trends including Megatrends and Industry Convergence Implications

6. Current Projects for Benchmarking


  • Overview of Potential Projects
  • Nuclear (South Africa)
  • Nuclear (Africa)
  • Wind (South Africa)
  • Wind (Africa)
  • Hydro (South Africa)
  • Hydro (Africa)
  • Solar (South Africa)
  • Solar (Africa)
  • Co-generation (South Africa)
  • Co-generation (Africa)
  • Open Cycle Gas Turbines (South Africa)
  • Combined Cycle Gas Turbines (South Africa)
  • Gas Turbine Summary
  • Diesel Gensets (South Africa)
  • Diesel Gensets (Africa)
  • Gas Gensets (South Africa)
  • Gas Gensets (Africa)
  • Future Market Developments That Could Influence the Economic Market Factors

7. Conclusion


  • Conclusion

8. Last Word


  • Last Word
  • Legal Disclaimer

9. Appendix


  • Market Engineering Methodology
  • Partial List of Companies Interviewed
  • Learn More-Next Steps
  • Table of Acronyms Used
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