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Trends and Growth Opportunities in Powertrain and EV Market

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Trends and Growth Opportunities in Powertrain and EV Market
Published: November 3, 2016 Content info: 41 Pages

EV Adoption Set for Transformational Growth as OEMs Plan to Reduce Emissions by 20% by 2020

This market insight focuses on upcoming trends within powertrain and electric cars. An update on emission regulations with a focus on Europe and North America has been provided in the report. Introduction and phase-in of emission test cycle changes have been briefly discussed. Global fuel mix, gasoline versus diesel car sales, engine technology trends such as gasoline technology roadmap, exhaust after-treatment systems, and transmission roadmap have been discussed in the powertrain section. Electric car outlook illustrates historical sales and forecasts and provides insights into the future of battery technology.

Table of Contents
Product Code: 9AB2-2A

Table of Contents


Emission Regulations and Test Cycle Changes

  • Urban Air Quality in Europe 2020
  • Emission Regulations Across Different Regions
  • Euro Emission Standards-Diesel Engines
  • Global Greenhouse Gas Emission Regulations
  • European Co2 Emission Regulation Ecosystem-95 g/km
  • North America-Air Quality Regulatory Ecosystem
  • California Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate-Roadmap and Evolution
  • Change in Test Cycles-WLTP, RDE Timelines
  • Potential Impact of NEDC-WLTP Conversion on Various Parameters

Powertrain Outlook and Trends

  • Global Powertrain Mix-Unit Shipment by Region Snapshot
  • Europe-Passenger Cars Unit Shipment Trend, Diesel vs. Gasoline
  • Diesel Sales Outlook for Europe-Retrospection and Future
  • Powertrain Technology Roadmap-Gasoline ICE
  • Diesel Exhaust Aftertreatment Roadmap
  • European Exhaust Aftertreatment Market Forecast (2020)
  • CO2 Emission Control-Retrospection and Future Outlook
  • Automatic Transmission Market-Technology Roadmap
  • Internal Combustion Engine Technology Forecasts

Light Electric Vehicle Outlook and Trends

  • Electric Vehicle Market Outlook
  • Global Uptake of Electrification in Passenger Vehicles
  • Global EV Market Overview-Top 10 PHEVs and BEVs in 2015
  • Properties of Li-ion Batteries
  • Battery Technology Roadmap
  • Adoption Level of Different Battery Types
  • Lithium Manganese Spinel Oxide (LMO) Battery Pack Cost to OEMs
  • Market Expansion by Automotive OEMs into Stationary Storage


  • Conclusion

The Frost & Sullivan Story

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  • Global Perspective
  • Industry Convergence
  • 360° Research Perspective
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