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Digital Transformation in the Pharmaceuticals Industry-Companies-to-Action, 2018

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Digital Transformation in the Pharmaceuticals Industry-Companies-to-Action, 2018
Published: September 4, 2018 Content info: 66 Pages

Value-based Care, Patient Data Digitization, and Collaborative Technology Deployment Offer Investment Opportunities

The pharmaceutical industry today is in a state of flux as it tries to maintain a delicate balance between the need for novel blockbuster drugs and the need for improved operational efficiencies in an increasingly competitive market space. As healthcare is becoming increasingly democratized, patients are emerging as key decision makers-digitally enabled by the entry of non-traditional tech companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Google-pushing pharmaceutical companies to go beyond-the-pill. However, in the midst of this chaos, there are pioneering companies offering solutions that apply cutting-edge digital technologies such as AI, Big Data and analytics, cloud, mobile, blockchain, and Internet of Things (IoT) to build digital convergence across the pharmaceutical value chain, covering R&D, manufacturing and operations, marketing, and patient connect. This Companies to Action (C2A) analysis puts the spotlight on such game-changing, tech-enabled participants and how they are altering the status-quo by highlighting novel monetization models and strategic investment opportunities.

Research Scope:

The key objective of this study is to highlight current market dynamics, key market participants, customer segments, and evolving business opportunities. The study aims to identify pioneering companies that are capable of shaping the future through best practices implementation, visionary leadership, and innovation in business models. The company profiles offer insights around key solution offerings, target customer segments, service differentiators, and future growth strategies.

Further, the global study provides an analysis of companies segregated by market segments such as: smart R&D, flexible manufacturing, connected patients, and digital pharmacy. The analysis covers technologies such as Artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data and analytics, crowdsourcing, mobile, Industrial IoT (IIoT), IoT, cloud, blockchain, eCommerce, and so on.

The participants mentioned in the study are: iSolve, Zephyr Health, PillPack, Proteus Digital Health, BenevolentAI, Elemental Machines, Exscientia, Science 37, Transparency Life Sciences, and uMotif. It also lists the wider universe of companies that were assessed for this analysis. These companies were chosen based factors such as innovative technology development and application, hitting the right focus areas, proven success and industry recognition, and enhanced client collaborations.

Key Issues Addressed:

  • How are companies creating extraordinary value for pharmaceutical stakeholders?
  • Which are some unique companies that are introducing new and innovative solutions in the market?
  • How do these companies intend to transform the healthcare industry paradigms in the future? What is the impact of the external industry environment on this market?
  • What is their action plan and potential for growth? What are the current growth opportunities in digital transformation?
  • What are some key success factors in the pharmaceutical market?
  • Which are the companies with whom partnerships can be forged?

Table of Contents
Product Code: ME1D-52

Table of Contents


  • Key Findings
  • Methodology
  • Scope and Segmentation
  • Key Questions this Study will Answer
  • Pillars of Digital Transformation and Growth Opportunity in Pharmaceuticals
  • Tackling Challenges in the Pharmaceuticals Industry
  • Major Challenges Limiting Digital Transformation


  • Companies-to-Action Value Creators
  • Threats and Opportunities
  • Strategic Imperatives for Digital Transformation in Pharmaceuticals


  • Definition and Solution Segmentation
  • Impact of Key Market Influencers
  • Pillars of Digital Transformation and Vendor Strategies
  • C2A Targets Aligned With Pillars of Digital Transformation


  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Benchmarking of Top Companies-to-Action
  • BenevolentAI
  • BenevolentAI (continued)
  • Exscientia
  • Exscientia (continued)
  • Science 37
  • Science 37 (continued)
  • Transparency Life Science
  • Transparency Life Sciences (continued)
  • Elemental Machines
  • Elemental Machines (continued)
  • iSolve
  • iSolve (continued)
  • PillPack
  • PillPack (continued)
  • Zephyr Health
  • Zephyr Health (continued)
  • Proteus Digital Health
  • Proteus Digital Health (continued)
  • uMotif
  • uMotif (continued)


  • Building Life Science Digital Capabilities by Innovation Tracking
  • Conclusion-Key Takeaways From the Companies-to-Action Analysis
  • Legal Disclaimer


  • List of Vendors Assessed
  • List of Vendors Assessed (continued)
  • List of Vendors Assessed (continued)
  • List of Vendors Assessed (continued)
  • List of Vendors Assessed (continued)
  • List of Vendors Assessed (continued)
  • List of Vendors Assessed (continued)
  • List of Vendors Assessed (continued)
  • List of Exhibits


  • The Frost & Sullivan Story
  • Value Proposition-Future of Your Company & Career
  • Global Perspective
  • Industry Convergence
  • 360° Research Perspective
  • Implementation Excellence
  • Our Blue Ocean Strategy
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