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Image Sensors: R&D Portfolio and Opportunity Analysis

Published: | Frost & Sullivan | 53 Pages | Delivery time: 1-2 business days


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Image Sensors: R&D Portfolio and Opportunity Analysis
Published: December 30, 2019
Frost & Sullivan
Content info: 53 Pages
Delivery time: 1-2 business days
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Advancements in imaging techniques Drive Opportunities in the Automotive, Consumer Electronics, and Healthcare Sectors

The sensor industry is booming rapidly and in the semiconductor sector it is considered one of the emerging segments. With both diagnostic and preventive features, sensors switch from being smart to becoming highly intelligent. Most sensors will be predictive in order to prevent mishaps and avoid correction of the course. Sensors are garnering smartness that facilitates highly precise on-the-spot decisions and regulates corrective actions when needed in real time.

Digital imaging is one of the fastest-growing electronics markets. Social networking's growth, which allows users to quickly share their latest images, has led to increased demand for camera functions in smart phones and high-image/video quality tablets.

Whilst the fastest growing application of image sensors is still in the segment of smartphones and tablets, the need for image sensors in the automotive, healthcare (medical), industrial, security and surveillance areas has been growing. Factory automation has also led to increased demand in the machine vision segment for image sensors.

The key drivers of demand are new products, technological developments and emerging applications for optical and image sensors. Higher revenue growth is expected for both of these sensors with device manufacturers able to move to more advanced sensors.

Key Questions Answered in the Technology and Innovation Report:

  • 1. What is the significance of image sensors and its impacts ?
  • 2. What are the current trends and developments that driving the opportunities in image sensor market?
  • 3. What are the key enabling imaging technologies?
  • 4. What are the factors that influence technology development and adoption?
  • 5. Who are the key innovators driving developments?
  • 6. What are the opportunities based on patent trends?
  • 7. What is the roadmap for image sensing market?
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Table of Contents

1.0. Executive Summary

  • 1.1. Scope of the Technology and Innovation Research
  • 1.2. Research Methodology
  • 1.3. Research Methodology Explained
  • 1.4. Summary of Key Findings
  • 1.5. Wide-scale Industry Adoption of Image Sensor Technology

2.0. Image Sensor - Technology Overview and Trends

  • 2.1. Image Sensor Technology Evolution and Significance
  • 2.2. Recent Developments in Image Sensing Technology
  • 2.3. Miniaturization, Smart Home, and Industry 4.0 are Driving Image Sensor Market
  • 2.4. Image Sensors - Enabling Technologies and Trends
  • 2.5. LiDAR Sensors - Enabling Imaging Technologies
  • 2.6. Radar, Vision, CCD/CMOS/Digital Camera Sensors - Enabling Imaging Technologies

3.0. Breadth of Applications and Impact Assessment

  • 3.1. Image Sensor Technology Fostering Automotive Applications
  • 3.2. Digital Health Applications Enabled by Image Sensors
  • 3.3. Image Sensor Technology Encouraging Consumer Electronics Sector
  • 3.4. Image Sensor Technology Promoting Security and Surveillance Application

4.0. Factors Influencing Development and Adoption

  • 4.1. Increasing Demand For Miniaturized and Advent of IoT Key Driving Factors For Image Sensors
  • 4.2. High Interest for IoT-based Image Sensors is Expected to Highly Impact Semiconductor Market in the Future
  • 4.3. High Application Potential and Government Funding are Highly Expected to Influence Increased Adoption of Image Sensors
  • 4.4. Sensor Reliability Issues and Design Constraints are the Key Challenging Factors for Image Sensors
  • 4.5. Stringent Regulatory Environment and Complex Application Environment are Challenging for Image Sensor Market
  • 4.6. High Investment Cost, Sensor Reliability Issues, and Complex Designs are the Key Restraints of Image Sensors

5.0. Global Patent Analysis, Funding Analysis, and Region-wise Adoption Assessment

  • 5.1. Image Sensors - Global Patent Trend Analysis
  • 5.2. Gap Analysis with Funding Trends
  • 5.3. Funding Opportunities are High in Consumer Electronics and Healthcare Sectors

6.0. Global Technology Landscape, Innovation Ecosystem, and Key Industry Initiatives

  • 6.1. Global Technology Impact Landscape
  • 6.2. Image Sensor - Innovation Ecosystem
  • 6.3. Key Innovators and Initiatives - ON Semiconductor, Teledyne E2v, and OmniVision
  • 6.4. Key Innovators and Initiatives - Headwall Photonics, Hamamatsu Photonics K.K, and Melexis NV
  • 6.5. Key Innovators and Initiatives - Canon, Photonfocus, STMicroelectronics, and SiOnyx
  • 6.6. Key Innovators and Initiatives - Samsung Electronics and Panasonic Corporation
  • 6.7. Key Developments in Image Sensor by Startups in Canada, US, and Israel
  • 6.8. Key Developments in Image Sensor by Startups in France and Spain

7.0. Strategic Insights and Roadmap

  • 7.1. Automotive Sector is Expected to be Highly Impacted by Developments in Image Sensors
  • 7.2. Image Sensor Technology Adoption Landscape and Roadmap

8.0. Key Patents

  • 8.1. Key Patents - Image Sensing Methods and CMOS Image Sensor Structures
  • 8.2. Key Patents - Image Sensor Device
  • 8.3. Key Patents - Panoramic Vision System and Chip Scale Packaging of Image Sensor
  • 8.4. Key Patents - Optical Fiber Transmission and Phase Detecting Pixels

9.0. Key Industry Contacts

  • 9.1. Key Industry Contacts
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