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PUBLISHER: GlobalData | PRODUCT CODE: 1050016

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PUBLISHER: GlobalData | PRODUCT CODE: 1050016

Tech, Media, and Telecom (TMT) Themes 2022 - Thematic Research

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If you're worried about the pace of innovation in your industry, then this report will help you identify which tech vendors can help you. Inside, we provide a top-down, comprehensive outlook for the top 600 players in the tech, media, and telecom (TMT) industry, based on the key themes set to transform their industry landscape over the next two years.

You will not find a better guide to tech in 2022.

Key Highlights

  • COVID-19 has transformed our lives forever. The way we work, shop, eat, seek medical advice, socialize, and entertain ourselves has fundamentally changed, and there is no going back.
  • Technology will play a vital role as the global economy recovers from the pandemic. Businesses must push ahead with digital transformation projects to survive. History shows that tech-enabling your businesses during a recession makes you more resilient to future shocks.
  • Our thematic engine tags over 38 million data items across five alternative data sets - patents, jobs, deals, filings, and news - to themes. The vast datasets within our thematic engine help our analysts to produce thematic scorecards which identify the TMT companies best placed to succeed in a disruptive world.


  • This report is the most concise reference guide to tech that you will read in 2022. Written by some of the world's leading tech experts, GlobalData's TMT Themes 2022 will help you look credible when talking about tech in your industry. Inside, we tell you everything you need to know about disruptive tech themes and which companies are best placed to help you digitally transform your business.
  • This report covers 16 TMT sectors, divide into four categories: hardware, software and services, internet and media, and telecoms. For each sector, we provide the cumulative share price performance since the beginning of the pandemic of a selection of companies that we believe are bellwethers for this sector, along with our thematic scorecards.
  • These scorecards are made up of four screens: the company screen, thematic screen, valuation screen, and risk screen.

Reasons to Buy

  • Position yourself for future success by understanding the most important tech, regulatory, and macroeconomic themes in the TMT industry. Informed by GlobalData's analysts, we provide analysis that will help you look credible when talking about tech in your industry.
  • Quickly identify attractive investment targets by understanding which companies are the most advanced in the themes that will determine future success in the TMT industry.
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the future of the TMT industry by reading this report in conjunction with another multi-theme report, Tech, Media, & Telecom Predictions 2022, which is organized by theme.
Product Code: GDTMT-TR-M343

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Executive summary

  • Top Themes for 2022
  • TMT sector performance
  • Hardware
  • Software and Services
  • Internet and Media
  • Telecoms
  • Thematic Methodology
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