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PUBLISHER: GlobalData | PRODUCT CODE: 1073038

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PUBLISHER: GlobalData | PRODUCT CODE: 1073038

Big Data in Pharmaceuticals - Thematic Research

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This report provides an overview of the big data analytics in the pharma industry.

Big data is generated in vast quantities across healthcare

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries generate data in abundance from a multitude of sources including physician notes, pathology reports, electronic health records (EHR), patient registries, genomics, clinical trials, social media, wearable devices, and many more. The dataset in question is huge in both size and complexity, rendering traditional data management techniques inefficient for processing.

In response to this problem, a burgeoning industry has become established around the development of technologies and tools that secure, store, process, analyze, aggregate, and integrate large quantities of data such that they can be used to generate new insights. Big data analytics serve as the engine for other emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and cloud.

Pharma can utilize big data across its value chain

The identification of patterns, trends, and associations within these datasets are expected to revolutionize the pharma industry. There are numerous use cases for big data analytics in this sector, including the acceleration of drug discovery and development, optimization of manufacturing processes, supply chain management, and the creation of innovative sales and marketing strategies.

This report assesses how big data analytics, combined with other emerging technologies, can be used across the pharma value chain. It provides an overview of the current landscape, including healthcare, technology, regulatory, and macroeconomic trends, as well as key players, while also highlighting opportunities for the use of big data analytics in the future. The report provides an industry-specific analysis based on GlobalData databases and surveys, as well as several pharma-specific case studies. Finally, the report provides an analysis of big data-related deals, jobs, and social media activity, highlighting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, where relevant.

Key Highlights

  • The global data and analytics market in the pharmaceutical sector was valued at $1.4 billion in 2020 and is forecast to grow to $1.9 billion by 2025.
  • Surveyed pharma industry professionals believed that big data analytics has a role throughout the pharma process, including manufacturing, supply chain, drug discovery and development, and sales and marketing.
  • Cloud and big data were found to be the leading two technology investment priorities for pharma in 2021, with 47% and 45% of respondents indicating that their organizations had investment in these leading technologies, respectively.
  • While the start of the COVID-19 pandemic saw a slight decline in the number of active job postings related to big data analytics, they rose again in Q4 2020 and have continued an upward trajectory.
  • Real-world evidence is an important source of big data in the pharma industry. Between 2011 and 2022, 187 clinical trials related to RWE collection were identified using GlobalData's Clinical Trials Database.


  • Overview of the current and future use cases of big data analytics in the pharma industry, across the value chain.
  • Insightful review of the healthcare, technology, regulatory, and macroeconomic trends. Each trend is independently researched to provide qualitative analysis of its implications on the big data space.
  • Reports of the revenue opportunity forecast in the data and analytical markets in the pharma industry from 2020 to 2025, spanning three technology segments and 49 geographical markets.
  • Key players in the big data space, with a focus on technology providers and pharma adopters.
  • Industry analysis of big data in the context of jobs in the pharma industry, use of real-world evidence in post-marketing studies, social media, and several pharma-specific case studies.
  • Deals analysis: outline of key deals within the big data space over the past three years, including mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnership, and funding.

Reasons to Buy

  • Assess who the leading technology players are in the big data space, as well as leading pharma adopters.
  • See examples of how pharma companies are integrating big data analytics into their value chains.
  • Understand what trends are driving the big data space and challenges exist for pharma in the space.
  • See how the big data landscape is evolving, with a review of company activity including mergers and acquisitions (M&A), strategic partnerships and funding deals, as well as a job analysis.
  • Assess the impact of COVID-19 on big data analytics.
Product Code: GDHCHT316

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Players
  • Thematic Briefing
  • Trends
  • Healthcare Trends
  • Technology Trends
  • Regulatory Trends
  • Macroeconomic Trends
  • Value Chain
  • Big Data Generation
  • Big Data Management
  • Big Data Product Development
  • Industry Analysis
  • Market Forecast Size
  • Survey Data
  • GlobalData's Digital Transformation and Emerging Technology in the Healthcare Industry Survey, 2021
  • GlobalData's Smart Pharma Survey 2021
  • Use of Real-World Evidence in Post-Marketing Studies
  • Analysis of Big Data-Related Jobs in Pharma
  • Deals Analysis
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Funding Deals
  • Pharma Case Studies
  • Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma and Exscientia: Drug Discovery and Development
  • Syapse's Learning Health Network and RWE
  • Unlearn.AI: DiGenesis, Twintelligent RCTs, and Digital Twins
  • Infor and Bayer: Infor Enterprise Asset Management and Digital Twins
  • Evidation and Merck: Digital Monitoring with Focus on Alzheimer's Disease
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Companies
  • Leading Big Data Vendors
  • Specialist Big Data Vendors in Pharma
  • Leading Big Data Adopters In Pharma


  • Abbreviations
  • Further Reading
  • Related Reports
  • Bibliography
  • About the Authors
  • Healthcare Analyst
  • Managing Analyst
  • Director of Thematic Analysis
  • Global Head and EVP of Healthcare Operations and Strategy
  • Our Thematic Research Methodology
  • About GlobalData
  • Contact Us
Product Code: GDHCHT316

List of Tables

List of Tables

  • Table 1: Healthcare trends in the big data space
  • Table 2: Technology trends in the big data space
  • Table 3: Regulatory trends in the big data space
  • Table 4: Macroeconomic trends in the big data space
  • Table 5: Examples of M&A in the big data and pharma spaces, 2019-2022
  • Table 6: Examples of strategic partnerships in the pharma big data space, 2021
  • Table 7: Examples of large funding deals in the big data space since Q2 2020
  • Table 8: Examples of public big data vendors in pharma
  • Table 9: Examples of private big data vendors in pharma
  • Table 10: Examples of leading big data adopters in pharma

List of Figures

List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Who are the leading players in the big data in the pharma space?
  • Figure 2: Big data value chain in pharma
  • Figure 3: Pharma contributed 1.7% to the total global data and analytics market in 2020
  • Figure 4: Pharma will contribute 1.5% to the total global data and analytics market in 2025
  • Figure 5: The total global data and analytics market for pharma was valued at $1.4B in 2020, led by the US
  • Figure 6: The US will dominant the global data and analytics market in pharma in 2025
  • Figure 7: Technologies that pharma is prioritizing for current investments
  • Figure 8: The most disruptive technologies in the upcoming two years
  • Figure 9: The benefits of integrating smart technologies into the pharmaceutical industry by company size
  • Figure 10: Big data is important and could optimize many processes in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Figure 11: Future usage of big data analytics for drug discovery and development will remain the same
  • Figure 12: Pharma will use both in-house capabilities and vendors for big data analytics
  • Figure 13: Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on investment in big data
  • Figure 14: Top pharma sponsors of clinical trials with an RWE element
  • Figure 15: Oncology is the leading therapy area for clinical trials related to RWE
  • Figure 16: Examples of pharma companies posting jobs related to big data
  • Figure 17: Trends in big data-related job posting by pharma, 2019-2022
  • Figure 18: Big data trends in GlobalData's social media analytics database, March 2021-March 2022
  • Figure 19: Examples of Top Posts Related to Big Data, 2021-2022
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