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PUBLISHER: GlobalData | PRODUCT CODE: 1097832

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PUBLISHER: GlobalData | PRODUCT CODE: 1097832

Tire Partnerships - Property Profile, Sponsorship and Media Landscape

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A complete overview of the tire industry and its involvement in the world of sports sponsorship. The report outlines all active deals within the industry and breaks them down to understand the state of the market. Further to looking at the global industry as a whole, the report also goes into further detail in analyzing the industry within the sport of soccer.

Unsurprisingly motor sport is the standout for tire partnerships with supplier deals essential to its operations, with it offering a big opportunity for tire brands to promote their products with the fastest and best racing teams around. Soccer sits just behind motor racing in regard to influence of the tire market, with a number of big deals linked to the sector, despite a much larger number of automotive partners linked to clubs and federations. Goodyear comes out as the biggest spender per year on sports sponsorship which mainly based around its huge $75 million deal with NASCAR.

Deals breakdown by sport and location, as well as a look at where these deals are being signed around the world. A look at all of the biggest deals in the market as well as a number of high profile expiring deals in 2022. A look at how the big five European soccer leagues are involved with tire partners as well as a breakdown as to how brands are investing the market on an individual basis.


  • The offers a snapshot of the market for what is a growing category of partnership in the world of sport. It offers an insight as to which brands are most involved in different sports and looks to show how much money each of them if paying for its differing partnership rights.

Reasons to Buy

  • It offers a big insight into the world of tire partnerships and how they are currently being sold in global sport. Deals are broken down by brand, sport type and spend to offer more granular detail than just data.
Product Code: GDUKSPC101844

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • Tire Sector Analysis
  • Deals by Sport
  • Deals by Location
  • Top 10 Biggest Deals
  • Deal Geography
  • Top 10 Expiring Deals
  • Announced Deals Timeline
  • Tire Partnerships in Soccer
  • Premier League
  • La Liga
  • Bundesliga
  • Serie A
  • Ligue 1
  • Deals Breakdown
  • Brand Analysis
  • Key Brands
  • Cast Studies
  • Deals by Brand
Product Code: GDUKSPC101844

List of Tables

List of Tables

  • Expiring Deals Table
  • Deal Announcement Timeline
  • Brand Geography Table

List of Figures

List of Figures

  • Deals By Sport Graph
  • Deals by Location Graph
  • Sector Analysis Graph
  • Individual Soccer League Partnership Graphs
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