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Autonomous Vehicles - Thematic Research

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Autonomous Vehicles - Thematic Research
Published: March 18, 2019 Content info: 39 Pages

The global automotive industry - worth $3.5 trillion in annual revenues - faces four concurrent disruptive threats: the connected car, the electric vehicle, autonomous driving technology and the concept of transport-as-a-service. Each threat is potentially existential to legacy carmakers who operate in a low growth, low margin sector that rattles with over capacity, and which is seeing its supply lines reset by cumulative advances in enabling technologies typically deployed by Tier-1 automobile sub-system suppliers. This report focuses on autonomous driving technology.

On a 10-year view, the macro socio-economic effects of urban millennial and Generation Z attitudes to car ownership and mobility will have a dramatic effect and yield a motor industry largely based on selling rides, increasingly deploying autonomous mobility, and monetizing miles: an emergent industry that will probably be as large as today's automotive industry. The report summaries the key trends we expect to see in the automotive industry over the next two to three years.


  • This report focuses on autonomous driving technology.
  • It highlights some of the important players in this space across three categories: semiconductors, specialist components, and autonomous driving systems. It also includes a fourth category, transport networks - ride hailing apps pioneered by the likes of Lyft and Uber - because these networks will provide early and sustained demand for autonomous vehicles.
  • The report identifies the main industry growth drivers that are re-shaping the oversupplied global auto industry.

Reasons to buy:

  • This report looks at the impact of autonomous driving on the global automotive sector. It analyzes how this theme will impact the major automotive firms, including Ford, GM, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, and Volkswagen, as well as identifying the companies at the forefront of automotive technology.
  • The report includes a technology briefing on self-driving cars.
  • It plots the main industry growth drivers that are re-shaping the oversupplied global auto industry.
  • The report explains the auto value chain will be impacted by advances in autonomous driving technology.
  • It provides an industry analysis, and discusses the main factors contributing to the growth of the autonomous vehicle industry.
  • The report also uses a scorecard approach to identify leading companies in the automotive sector.
Table of Contents
Product Code: GDTMT-TR-S208

Table of Contents




  • Technology trends
  • Macroeconomic themes
  • Regulatory themes


  • Semiconductors
  • Specialist components
  • Autonomous driving systems
  • Transport networks


  • Industry drivers
  • Technology challenges
  • M&A activity
  • Timeline


  • Public companies
  • Private companies


  • Who's who in the automotive sector
  • Thematic screen
  • Valuation screen
  • Risk Screen


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