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Global Retail 2018: Issues and Trends

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Global Retail 2018: Issues and Trends
Published: May 23, 2018 Content info: 47 Pages

It details the current issues retailers face and how technology has changed the retail model from supply, to demand led and created a far more costly and complex retail sector. A new retail model is emerging - platform retail - where online and offline merge and use customer data and technology to understand how we now consume and what products and services we require.

It highlights how mature Western retailers are adapting and changing their businesses and new entrants are expanding beyond their core, online businesses, and partnering with physical retailers to adapt to changing consumer demand and lifestyles.

It summarises the issues, the trends and the opportunities there are for retailers to adapt their businesses to cope with these issues.

This report outlines the common issues facing retailers globally and how they are reacting as they face a retail landscape that is changing constantly and rapidly and becoming completely unrecognisable from the traditional model that evolved over centuries.


  • Retailers in mature Western markets facing overcapacity and diluted consumer spending are seeking strategic partnerships in growth markets such as China and India to utilise the skills of incumbent online operators.
  • Platform retail is taking over from the traditional retail model as both online and offline retailers utilise technology and data to understand consumer shopping behaviour in both the physical and virtual environment.
  • Retail is being cut out of the consumption process as technology provides the means for consumers to buy direct - making customer loyalty even more essential.
  • Shopping malls are changing with consumer trends and retail is being integrated into social model that incorporates lifestyle and connectivity.

Reasons to buy

  • Understand the main issues that retailers face globally and how retailers are adapting their businesses to deal with these concerns.
  • Learn from the trends detailed in this report how leading retailers are developing their businesses to engage more effectively with changing consumer behaviour.
  • Discover the opportunities technology provides for retailers to exploit new trends and build a sustainable business in the face of rising costs and operational complexity.
Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Summary of issues, trends and opportunities for global retailers

The major trends impacting global retailers

  • Channel complexity
  • Online disruption
  • New markets adopting online fast, skipping traditional retail
  • Web-based retailers gaining dominance
  • New retail model - platform retail
  • Alibaba and 'New Retail'
  • Online and offline merging
  • Consumer demand for convenience - frictionless shopping
  • Catering for demand for convenience cost effectively
  • Strategic partnerships in convenience shopping
  • Operational complexity
  • Universal demand for value in food
  • Rise of discounters
  • New entrants in general merchandise
  • New channels cutting out the traditional retailer
  • Changing consumer behaviour, sharing, renting
  • Changing consumer behaviour - recycling product
  • Demand slows, spend diluted by choice - overcapacity
  • Mature markets losing share
  • Overcapacity leading to demise of traditional models
  • Complacency and poor retailing major factor in failures
  • Retailers adapting to new demand and shopping styles
  • Impact of social media on beauty sector
  • Brands controlling their retail propositions
  • Brand equity - standing out in a crowded market
  • Shift to experiences - but shopping still relevant
  • New retail channels - travel retail
  • Delivering a new retail experience to stimulate spending
  • New experiential retail models
  • New retail models
  • New retail models - subscription services
  • New retail models - digital assistants
  • New retail - new role for shopping centres
  • Disclaimer
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