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Big Data in Healthcare - Thematic Research

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Big Data in Healthcare - Thematic Research
Published: May 25, 2018 Content info: 41 Pages

Healthcare service industry generates data in abundance in the form of physician notes, pathology reports, and so on, but the correct interpretation of this data is critical for providing actionable insights that will lead to better care.Big Data refers to a large amount of data that is being generated around the world at an unprecedented rate. The data set in question is huge in size and complexity, rendering traditional data management techniques inefficient for processing.

The use of predictive analytics can provide healthcare organizations with valuable insights to improve their existing business models and increase their profitability. Along with empowering the provider, analytics will play a crucial role in consumer empowerment by providing them accurate and actionable insights leading to more effective and faster decision-making. Big Data analytics is expected to revolutionize the industry, leading to better health practices.

The move towards digitization has revolutionized the process of disease treatment. The rise in Big Data technologies is augmenting the growth of the healthcare industry. Many major healthcare companies and organizations are turning to a data-driven approach for transforming healthcare research, marketing, and practice.

Evidence-based medicine is acting as one of the major catalysts for this transformation. Big Data analytics provides a comprehensive view of a patient's health condition and is offering ways to organize future vision, thereby enhancing outcomes. In the coming years, not only will patients, hospitals, and insurance companies benefit from this innovation, but the healthcare field will undergo a vast improvement. The core for this transformation is healthcare analytics, which will leave a vast impact on the healthcare sector by providing solutions that are automated, cost-effective, and highly efficient.

Though the current scenario of Big Data in healthcare is bright, there are certain points that need to be addressed to make Dig Data a prominent concept in healthcare. The lack of data governance skills is impeding the successful application of Big Data in the healthcare industry. Among other things, Big Data applications are still limited by the lack of experts, as well as hampered by certain security issues and the chaotic nature of the data itself.


The focus of this report is on highlighting significant insights on the Big Data themes in the healthcare sector such as -

  • Big data in analyzing electronic health records
  • Big data in drug discovery and drug design
  • Big data in clinical studies
  • Big data in sales and marketing
  • Big data in healthcare intelligence
  • Big data in fraud detection using predictive analytics
  • Big data in medical management.

Reasons to buy:

The report highlights -

  • Technology players in each category of the big data value chain.
  • The main trends expected over the next two years in the big data theme, summarised as data trends, industry growth drivers, hardware trends, software trends, and big data trends in the healthcare sector.
  • The report also examines the key segments of the big data value chain, and provides an industry analysis, including significant mergers and acquisitions.
  • The impact of big data in the healthcare sector, offering recommendations for healthcare providers.
  • An overview of the dimensions of the big data theme.
Table of Contents
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Table of Contents




  • Data Trends
    • Industry Growth Drivers
  • Hardware Trends
  • Software Trends
    • Big Data Trends in the Healthcare Sector



  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Timeline


  • Big Data in the Healthcare Sector
  • Recommendations on Big Data for Healthcare Providers


  • Public Tech Companies
  • Private Tech Companies
  • Healthcare Companies


  • The Age of Distraction



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