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Big Data in Utilities - Thematic Research

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Big Data in Utilities - Thematic Research
Published: June 14, 2018 Content info: 38 Pages

Big Data is at the heart of virtually everything done online. The data center, or 'bit barn', is an organization's brain. It takes in, stores, analyses and disseminates the data through which the organization lives.

By 2022, the Internet of Things - which refers to the network of every day 'things' such as vehicles, home appliances and other devices embedded with electronics and software which enable these objects to connect and exchange data - will be in full swing. This involves at least 29 billion connected devices, each running smart, pixel-rich, voice-driven, data-streaming app's.

Increasingly, utilities own or can access huge volumes of data from smart metering systems, syncrophasors, smart homes and other sources of data. In addition, more of the utilities infrastructure is becoming smart - meaning that it has built-in processing, connectivity, and sensing capabilities. Electric vehicles (EVs), smart home systems, and many more subsystems are likely to interface with utilities and provide them with potentially valuable data.

However, the challenge for utilities is to make that data useful and generate actionable insights from it. With the proliferation of smart meters, smart grid systems, and other sources of data like EVs, utilities will gain access to potentially valuable and unique datasets. However, benefiting from Big Data is not straightforward and utilities need to deploy a range of new IT solutions that allow them to collect the data in consistent ways, transport it, secure it, analyze it and store it. Solutions that manage Big Data in the industry need to quickly make sense of data from multiple sources and in diverse formats.

The report "Big Data in Utilities - Thematic Research", offers a framework in which to look at Big Data, summarizes the important trends, and identifies the key players. The report also helps in identifying winners and losers based on technology leadership, market position and other factors.


  • The report highlights the significance of big data in utilities.
  • It discusses the challenge for utilities to make that data useful and generate actionable insights from it.
  • It also emphasizes that those solutions that manage big data in the industry need to quickly make sense of data from multiple sources and in diverse formats.

Reasons to buy

  • The report highlights some of the key market leading players in each category of the big data value chain.
  • It identifies the main trends expected over the next two years in the big data theme.
  • It examines the big data value chain and classifies it into four segments - big data generation, big data management, big data product development, and big data consumption.
  • The report also offers an industry analysis of the big data theme, identifying the key M&A transactions and critical milestones achieved in the course of the data center industry's evolution.
  • The report briefs on the impact of big data on utilities, with the help of case studies and key recommendations for IT vendors.
  • The report provides an overview of the big data theme and how it combines traditional data management technologies with new forms of data processing that are better suited to modern formats.
Table of Contents
Product Code: GDPE-TR-S003

Table of Contents

  • TRENDS 4
  • Data trends 4
  • Industry growth trends 5
  • Hardware trends 6
  • Software trends 7
  • Big Data trends in utilities 8
  • Software 13
  • Mergers and acquisitions 17
  • Timeline 18
  • Big Data and IoT 20
  • Utilities case studies 20
  • Key recommendations for IT vendors 22
  • Public companies 23
  • Private companies 27
  • Utility companies 29
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