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Managed Security Services (MSS) in Europe: Telcos' MSS Portfolios and Market Approach

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Managed Security Services (MSS) in Europe: Telcos' MSS Portfolios and Market Approach
Published: September 5, 2018 Content info: 26 Pages

Traditionally, telco MSS providers (MSSPs) in Europe had been offering more straightforward security services that were reactive in nature and responded only after security breaches and violations were detected. However, with increasing digital touch points, data flow and number of business critical IT systems the need for proactive security capabilities that can detect and mitigate against threats is rising. Telco MSSPs in the region are investing in the development of threat intelligence and automated threat detection and response solutions. These capabilities enable preventive, real-time, automated security solutions that can predict and respond to security incidents faster and more effectively using advanced analytics, correlation, and cognitive technologies.

Telcos are now well placed to offer Managed Security Service (MSS) given their network connectivity, cloud infrastructure, and existing relationship with enterprises. European telcos like BT, Telefonica, Orange, and Deutsche Telekom have been commercializing on the Managed Security Service (MSS) and have over the years either acquired or partnered with several information security vendors to strengthen their foothold in the market. Managed Security Service (MSS) helps telcos in Europe to diversify their revenue streams away from connectivity, the traditional area of focus for most telcos.

"Managed Security Services (MSS) in Europe: Telcos' MSS Portfolios and Market Approach", a new telecom insider report, provides an executive-level overview of the Managed Security Service (MSS) in Europe. It delivers qualitative insights into the Managed Security Service (MSS) market, analyzing key trends and case studies of telco's Managed Security Service (MSS) portfolios.

It provides in-depth analysis of the following -

  • Framework, definition and service value of the Managed Security Service (MSS) in the region.
  • Market strategies telcos are adopting for their Managed Security Service (MSS) services. It includes analyzing telco's MSS portfolios, strategic partnerships with security vendors and investments in security operations centers.
  • Case study on BT, Orange France and Deutsche Telekom's Managed Security Service (MSS) product portfolio and market approaches.
  • Summary of key findings and growth opportunities for the telcos in the Managed Security Service (MSS) market.

Companies Mentioned: AlienVault, Fortinet, Zscaler, Arbor Networks, IBM, BT, Juniper Networks, Checkpoint, KPN, Cisco, Lexsi, Counterpane, McAfee,CyberArk, Morpho (Safran), DearBytes, Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Palo Alto, EgoSecure, QSight IT, Ercom, Symantec, Telefonica, ThreatConnect, ForeScout, Trend Micro.


  • Telcos offer a extensive range of managed security services, including application security, infrastructure security, and cyber security services.
  • Telcos are expanding their MSS portfolio primarily through the acquisition of or partnerships with security vendors.
  • The types of services offered are expanding beyond the more simple services such as managed firewall and into advanced capabilities such as predictive managed security services.

Reasons to buy:

  • This Insider Report provides a comprehensive examination through forward-looking analysis of European MSS markets trends in a concise analytical format to help executives build proactive and profitable growth strategies.
  • The report examines the key telcos go-to-market approach on MSS services in Europe.
  • The report is designed for an executive-level audience, boasting presentation quality.
  • The broad perspective of the report coupled with comprehensive actionable insights will help operators, equipment vendors and other telecom industry players better position to seize the growth opportunities in Europe's evolving MSS market.
Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • List of Exhibits
  • Executive Summary

Section 1: Taxonomy and Market Context

  • Managed security services definition
  • Managed security services value chain

Section 2: Telcos' Go-to-Market Approach on MSS

  • Managed security market trends and portfolio
  • Key telco MSS go-to-market strategies
  • Strategic partnership with leading security vendors
  • Acquisition of security vendors
  • Shift from reactive to predictive MSS

Section 3: Case Studies

  • BT
  • Orange
  • Deutsche Telekom

Section 4: Key Findings and Recommendations


  • Acronyms and Definitions
  • Companies Mentioned
  • About the authors

List of Figures

  • Exhibit 1: MSS framework 7
  • Exhibit 2: Telcos' MSS value chain, Europe 8
  • Exhibit 3: Telcos' MSS portfolio, Europe 10
  • Exhibit 4: Telco partnerships with security vendors, Europe 12
  • Exhibit 5: Telcos' security vendor acquisitions, Europe 13
  • Exhibit 6: Telcos' security solutions with advanced capabilities, Europe 14
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