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Azerbaijan Cigarettes, 2020

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Azerbaijan Cigarettes, 2020
Published: October 12, 2020 Content info:

Azerbaijan Cigarettes, 2020 provides recommended actions and detailed analysis of how to target the best growth opportunities for wine producers and retailers. Readers can understand what categories, channels, companies, and consumers will drive the success of Cigarette markets in Azerbaijan through GlobalData's detailed and robust data, expert insight, and case studies.

GlobalData's Top Growth Opportunity reports use a risk versus reward opportunity model to identify the best growth markets for Cigarettes producers. Through this in-depth study of market and category dynamics, readers are able to identify key opportunities, and what they need to do in order to target them.

Azerbaijan is one of the more significant cigarette markets that emerged following the break-up of the former Soviet Union in the early 1990s. Since 2000, demand has largely been met by imports, with legitimate importers having great difficulty in competing against the non-duty paid sector due to high local excise taxes. In an attempt to reduce the incidence of tobacco use, a law prohibiting smoking in certain public places was introduced in July 2009. The law was poorly received with widespread reports that it is being flouted. A broadening of current regulations came into effect in 2017 with ever more places now covered by bans as well as new series of fines. Warnings were also toughened during 2017.

Get access to -

  • Key consumer demographic groups driving consumption within the Azerbaijani market. Improve your consumer targeting by understanding who's driving the market, what they want, and why
  • A study of market value and volumes over 2014-2019 for Azerbaijan supplemented with category, brand and packaging analysis that shows the current state of the market, and how it will evolve over the 2019-2024 period
  • White space analysis, to pinpoint attractive spaces in the market and the key actions to take
  • Insight into the implications behind the data, and analysis of how the consumer needs will evolve in the short-to-medium term future
  • Examples of international and regional product innovation targeting key consumer needs


  • The market has been characterized by widely fluctuating levels of consumption of legitimate cigarettes year-on-year although underlying consumption has been rising and the benefits of relatively strong GDP growth have filtered down into higher personal disposable incomes.
  • Legitimate cigarette sales are forecast at being relatively stable over the 2020-2030 period assisted by improvements in supply and the prospects for a strong economy. Nevertheless, recently tightened restrictions - and likely higher prices - will both affect sales.

Reasons to Buy

  • Get a detailed understanding of consumption to align your sales and marketing efforts with the latest trends in the market.
  • Identify the areas of growth and opportunities, which will aid effective marketing planning.
  • The differing growth rates in regional product sales drive fundamental shifts in the market.
  • This report provides detailed, authoritative data on these changes - prime intelligence for marketers.
  • Understand the market dynamics and essential data to benchmark your position and to identify where to compete in the future.
Table of Contents
Product Code: CG0705MR

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Overview

2. Market Size

3. Market Structure

4. Manufacturers & Brands

5. Taxation & Retail Prices

  • 5.1. Taxation
  • 5.2. Retail Prices

6. The Smoking Population

7. Production &Trade

  • 7.1. Production
  • 7.1. Imports
  • 7.2. Exports

8. Operating constraints

  • 8.1. Advertising Restrictions
  • 8.2. Health Warnings
  • 8.3. OtherRestrictions

9. Company Profiles

10. Prospects &Forecasts

11. Appendix

  • 11.1. What is this Report About?
  • 11.2. Time Frame
  • 11.3. Product Category Coverage
  • 11.4. Methodology
  • 11.5. About GlobalData
  • 11.6. Disclaimer
  • 11.7. Contact Us

List of Tables

List of Tables

  • Table 1: Cigarette Consumption, 1990-2019
  • Table 2: Cigarette Consumption: Apparent & Reported Sales, Billion Pieces,2000-2017
  • Table 3: Per Capita Consumption, 1990-2019
  • Table 4: Market Breakdown: Domestic v Imported Products, Million Pieces,2009-2019
  • Table 5: Market Breakdown: Domestic v Imported Products, % of Total Market,2009-2019
  • Table 6: Manufacturer Sales & Shares, Million Pieces,2000-2019
  • Table 7: Manufacturer Sales & Market Shares, % Volume,2002-2019
  • Table 8: Average Cigarette Prices, Manats,2000-2017
  • Table 9: Prices by brand, 2015-2016
  • Table 10: Prices by brand (Imperial Tobacco), March 2016
  • Table 11:Smoking Population, 1990-2019
  • Table 12: Azerbaijan, Smoking Population by gender, 2018
  • Table 13:Cigarette Production, 1990-2018
  • Table 14: Cigarette Imports, 1992-2019
  • Table 15: Imports by Country of Origin, Million Pieces, 2009-2019
  • Table 16: Imports by Country of Origin, %, 2009-2019
  • Table 17: Cigarette Exports, 1994-2019
  • Table 18: Exports by Country of Destination, Million Pieces,2009-2019
  • Table 19: Exports by Country of Destination, %, 2009-2019
  • Table 20: European Tobacco Baku JSC
  • Table 21: Consumption Forecasts, 2020-2030

List of Figures

List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Methodology
  • Figure 2: GlobalData at a glance
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