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UBS Global Wealth Management 2021 - Competitor Profile

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UBS Global Wealth Management 2021 - Competitor Profile
Published: September 13, 2021
Content info: 40 Pages
Delivery time: 1-2 business days
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GlobalData's 'UBS Global Wealth Management 2021 - Competitor Profile' provides a comprehensive analysis of UBS' private banking and wealth management operations. It offers insights into the company's strategy and financial performance, including key data on AUM. Customer targeting and service propositions are covered, as are product innovation and marketing activities.

Headquartered in Switzerland, UBS is a global organization with a physical wealth management presence in over 45 countries. It operates through four business divisions: Global Wealth Management, Personal & Corporate Banking, Asset Management, and Investment Bank. UBS is the world's largest wealth manager as measured by assets under management (AUM).


  • UBS is the leading wealth management firm serving the ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) segment. It has a strong global presence, with the Americas and Europe being its biggest markets as measured by its AUM.
  • In 2021, UBS restructured its UK business unit, which will help the group diversify its growth opportunities and better serve its clients in this market.
  • UBS is focusing on growth in the US and Asia Pacific markets by introducing new digital wealth platforms. In the US, the group is building its Wealth Management Americas Platform, which will complete its first phase by 2021. In Asia, it is going to launch a digital banking platform in 2021.
  • The group is investing in digital platforms for advisors and clients. Its portfolio management platform called My Way allows investors to customize their portfolios based on their preferred investment themes, accruing AUM of $3.7bn in its first year. In addition, its Assets Wizard tool provides wealth clients with a holistic view of their wealth across all asset classes and ease of interaction with financial advisors.
  • UBS Global Wealth Management is bringing innovation to its investment practice and focusing on a sustainable investing model. The group had an AUM worth $6.9bn in sustainable development goals in 2020, surpassing it's $5bn target for 2021.

Reasons to Buy

  • Examine the financial performance, key ratios, and AUM growth of UBS and its Global Wealth Management division and benchmark this competitor against other global wealth managers.
  • Understand UBS Global Wealth Management's current strategic objectives and their impact on its financial performance.
  • Discover UBS Global Wealth Management's key products and client targeting strategies and examine whether these have been successful.
  • Learn more about UBS Global Wealth Management's marketing strategy, social media presence, and digital innovations.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Strategy
  • Financial Performance
  • Customers & Products
  • Marketing & Advertising