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Global Wind Turbine Supply Chain Trends 2020

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Global Wind Turbine Supply Chain Trends 2020
Published: April 15, 2020 Content info:

‘The Global wind turbine supply chain trends report’ explores the latest global and regional supply chain developments across key capital components and how trade relationships are evolving, including future competitive positioning of suppliers. It also covers the impact of coronavirus on the wind turbine supply chain and the mitigating strategies for turbine OEMs and component suppliers. The report deep dives into the global and regional onshore and offshore turbine supply chain evolution, helping the industry understand current supply-side dynamics, and contains more than 80 pages of in-depth insights into global, regional and component-level supply chain dynamics.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • 1. Executive summary
  • 2. Global and regional trends
  • 3. Nacelles
  • 4. Blades
  • 5. Gearboxes
  • 6. Converters and controls
  • 7. Generators
  • 8. Towers
  • 9. Bearings
  • 1. Castings and Forgings

List of Figures

  • Regional wind turbine supply market potential 2019-2028e
  • Global component supply market potential 2019-2028e
  • Global wind installs 2013-2021e
  • Global wind turbine supply chain impact 2019-2020
  • Coronavirus infection density vs wind supply chain footprint
  • Industrial manufacturing index
  • India's manufacturing capacity; domestic companies vs foreign firms, 2019e
  • China's manufacturing capacity; domestic companies vs foreign firms, 2019e
  • Annual onshore and offshore turbine installations, 2019 vs 2023e
  • Germany and India auctions, volume and prices 2017-2019
  • Enercon, Senvionand Suzlon global installs, 2017-2019e
  • China's turbine ASP 2014-2019
  • China's wind installs 2014-2019
  • China's turbine ASP, 2018 vs. 2019
  • Western turbine OEMs' China installs, 2014-2018
  • Vestas' V150 manufacturing index comparison China vs Brazil
  • Vestas' Brazil installations, 2013-2023e
  • Nordex' Brazil manufacturing capacity versus order backlog
  • Russia developers share of competitive auction, 2013-2019
  • Russia's minimum CAPEX costs for wind projects in auctions
  • Russia's turbine OEMs market shares, 2019-2024e
  • Local content and localisation in Russia 2019
  • US Offshore turbine supply chain's cumulative addressable market potential 2020-2028e
  • Wind turbine components' environmentalimpact
  • US repowering blades replacement activity, 2017-2024e
  • SGREs' cumulative cost savings through L3AD2020 program
  • Chinese OEM nacelle capacity expansion, 2019-2020e
  • Chinese OEMs turbine OEMs by region 2019-2025e
  • Goldwindand Envision exports 2019-2025e
  • Regional offshore nacelle capacity vs turbine installation demand
  • Western OEMs' Asian offshore installations, 2019-2025e
  • Global turbine blades' addressable market potential, 2019-2028e
  • Global turbine blade demand, 2019-2028e
  • Independent blade suppliers' market shares 2019
  • Turbine OEMs' in-house blade manufacturing shares 2019
  • Turbine OEMs' global blade sourcing, 2019e
  • Global offshore blade demand segmentation, 2019-2028e
  • Offshore blade sourcing trends
  • Nordex, Vestas' blades in-house vs out-source manufacturing trends 2015-2022e
  • Wind blade manufacturing capacity by supplier
  • Wind blade manufacturing capacity allocated to OEMs
  • Share of Mexico's blade manufacturing in Americas 2015 vs 2022
  • Wind turbine blades imports into the US, 2015-2019
  • India's blade manufacturing capacity by MW segments 2020e
  • Global blade demand by length, 2019 vs 2023e
  • Global demand for new moulds (>70m) by segment, 2019-2023e
  • Blade core material market shares in 2019 vs 2023e
  • TPI's revenue and EBITDA margins growth 2013-2020e
  • TPI's revenue target for wind and diversified business*
  • TPI's blade manufacturing cycle time
  • TPI's material cost savings
  • TPI's manufacturing throughput
  • Modular blades in best-cost countries and local demand centres
  • Return on capital for a typical onshore blade plant
  • Return on capital for a typical offshore blade plant
  • Global drive train penetration trends, 2019-2028e
  • Annual gearbox addressable market potential, 2019-2028e
  • Global onshore drive train demand, 2019-2028e
  • Global offshore drive train demand, 2019-2028e
  • Gearbox suppliers' market shares 2019
  • Direct drive turbine OEMs' market shares, 2019
  • Turbine OEMs global gearbox sourcing trends 2019e
  • Global drivetrain segmentation, 2020e
  • Global drivetrain segmentation, 2024e
  • Global drivetrain segmentation, 2028e
  • Gearbox regional footprint trends and consolidation
  • Nordex annual installations by turbine type, 2016-2021e
  • Indian gearbox manufacturing footprint expansion trends
  • Current-generation gearbox commercial life cycle
  • Example of Vestas V126-3.X, V136-3.X turbine commercial life cycle
  • Global onshore converter segmentation trends, 2019-2028e
  • Global offshore converter segmentation trends 2019-2028e
  • Annual converter addressable market potential, 2019-2028e
  • Turbine OEMs' (excluding Chinese) converter sourcing trends, 2019e
  • Western vs Chinese turbine OEMs, converter sourcing trends, 2019e
  • Chinese OEMs converter sourcing trends, 2019e
  • China Silk road map
  • Lead times and pricing comparison of converters vs IGBTs 2019-2022e
  • Wind turbine software and hardware penetration comparison with automotive
  • Control system suppliers' revenue split projections, 2020 vs 2025
  • Global generation segmentation trends, 2019-2028e
  • Generators' annual addressable market potential, 2019-2028e
  • Global generator demand, 2019-2028e
  • Turbine OEMs global generator sourcing trends, 2019e
  • Cost and weight distribution of a standard 4.XMW generator
  • Global offshore wind permanent magnets demand, 2019-2028e
  • Global onshore generation segmentation trends
  • Global rare earth production and reserves
  • Regional onshore wind copper consumption, 2019-2028e
  • Regional offshore wind copper consumption, 2019-2028e
  • Annual wind towers' addressable market potential, 2019-2028e
  • Annual wind towers regional demand, 2019-2028e
  • Germany's offshore wind tower demand by turbine OEM 2017-2025e
  • US tower demand by turbine OEMs, 2016-2021e
  • US domestic tower capacity and production trends, 2016-2019
  • US tower imports and dumping rate
  • US demand: Domestic supply vs imports
  • Value of US tower demand and dumping rates impact
  • US tower imports in 2018-19 (No. of towers)
  • Turbine OEMs US tower sourcing trends, 2016-2019 (No. of towers)
  • Nordex tower segmentation trends 2016-2019 (No. of towers)
  • Nordex concrete towers cumulative installs by market YE 2019
  • Global main bearing suppliers' market shares 2019e
  • Gearbox bearing lead-time evolution, 2008-2019
  • Bearing suppliers' cost reduction strategies
  • Global offshore demand by main bearing type, 2019-2018e
  • Global turbine OEMs' castings demand 2019-2028e
  • Top five turbine OEMs' castings demand
  • Global wind castings' regional footprint
  • Western suppliers' casting capacity 2019e
  • Global production of iron and ductile iron cast
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