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Immediate Release Pain Management to 2020

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Immediate Release Pain Management to 2020
Published: May 21, 2014 Content info:

As life expectancy in the developed world increases and populations age, the incidence and associated morbidity of chronic and acute pain is increasing and placing a higher level of emphasis on pain management as a quality-of-life issue for patients and their families. Responding to this trend, drug developers are increasingly turning to alternative formulations of pain management drugs. Because it has the potential to improve drug therapy compliance, transmucosal pain management addresses a key healthcare issue - one that is particularly problematic in aging populations and developing economies. We expect this market to experience healthy growth through 2020 as absorbable solid dosage technology is applied to existing drugs, and as similar formulations become an important route of administration for novel pain drugs


  • Analyzes and evaluates the global market opportunity for immediate release pain management and assesses the probable impact of evolving regulatory, economic and demand factors
  • Assesses immediate release products approved or in development for the delivery of therapeutic pain management drugs
  • Provides detailed descriptions of pain management treatment segments, market factors, and business strategies
  • Forecasts immediate release pain management product demand to 2020
  • Profiles sector companies, their product development activities, supply chain partners, business strategies, and collaboration partners
Table of Contents
Product Code: PMP492R

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • The Pain Management Market
  • Evolving Pain Management Protocols
  • Demographics and Disease
  • Regional Differences in Pain Management
  • Immediate Release Pain Management
  • Breakthrough Cancer Pain
  • The Current Landscape
  • The Unmet Need and Opportunity
  • Immediate Release Formulation Technologies
  • Buccal Films and Tablets
  • Oral Sprays
  • Sublingual Tablets
  • Nasal Sprays
  • The Market for Breakthrough Cancer Pain
  • The Addressable Market
  • Market Demographics and Growth
  • Competing Drug Classes
  • Market Projections
  • Product Analysis, Market Position Historical Revenue & Forecasts
  • Transmucosal Immediate-Release Fentanyl (TIRF)
  • Oral
  • Abstral
  • Actiq
  • Fentora/Effentora
  • Onsolis/Breakyl
  • Subsys
  • Generic Immediate Release Fentanyl
  • Nasal
  • Instanyl
  • Lazanda
  • Development-Stage IR Pain Management Drugs
  • Alfentanil
  • Sufentanil
  • Potential Competing Drug Therapeutics
  • Market Factors
  • Regulatory Factors
  • Proprietary Formulations & Technology
  • Collaborations & Alliances
  • Company Profiles
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