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Wearable Subcutaneous Drug Delivery

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Wearable Subcutaneous Drug Delivery
Published: August 13, 2018 Content info: 90 Pages

As new drugs become available for the treatment of an expanding list of health conditions, drug developers have increasingly pursued packaging and delivery options that simplify the administration process and increase the efficiency and reliability with which the drug can be introduced into the patient. For injectable drugs, this pursuit has led to an accelerated evolution in injection device design, creating new opportunities and choices for drug marketers. As the administration of injectables moves increasingly from practitioner offices and healthcare facilities to patient homes, decisions regarding as-supplied packaging that were once considered boilerplate have moved to the early stages of the development process. A wide spectrum of device attributes, including form factor, device-patient interaction, security and safety, dosing, activation, off-device communication, and drug formulation factors have been incorporated into drug injection devices. Over time, these initiatives will come to be expected by patients in injectable drugs.

Wearable Subcutaneous Drug Delivery - What You Will Learn

  • What wearable subcutaneous injection devices for drug delivery have been approved for marketing, and what are the key market segments, market dynamics and market demographics?
  • What are the therapeutic demand drivers for wearable drug delivery systems?
  • What are the key design factors, material selection issues, technologies and market development issues?
  • What is the market today, who are the leaders, and what will it look like in 2024?
  • Who are the competitors and participants in the wearable subcutaneous drug delivery segment, and what are their product development activities, business strategies, and business alliances and affiliations?
  • What is the importance of pharma-device alliances and design partnerships on wearable injector drug delivery injector drug delivery market?
Table of Contents
Product Code: PDD363F

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • SC Drug Delivery Market Segment Dynamics
  • Drug Development Trends
  • Drug Delivery Device Evolution
  • SC System Enabling Technologies
  • Wearable Patch Subcutaneous Design Factors
  • Device/System Architecture
  • Product Migration
  • Volumes & Viscosities
  • Device Electronics
  • Accuracy and Dosing Variability
  • Alerts and Patient Notification
  • Product Analysis and Assessments
  • Becton Dickinson
  • Omnipod (Insulet)
  • Patch Pumps (Sensile
  • Medical)
  • SmartDose (West
  • Pharmaceuticals)
  • YpsoDose (Ypsomed)
  • Electronic Semi-disposable
  • E3D Patch Pump (Elcam)
  • Mechanical Disposable
  • Enable Injector
  • Captive Devices
  • sc2Wear Infusor (scPharmaceuticals)
  • PatchPump (SteadyMed)
  • Product Specific Devices
  • Neulasta OnPro Injector (Amgen)s
  • Therapeutic Segment Analysis and Market Data
  • Blood Factors
  • Cardiovascular
  • Diabetes
  • Immunoglobulins
  • Reproductive Health
  • Market Factors
  • Regulatory Issues
  • IP and Patents
  • Healthcare Economics
  • Company Profiles
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