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Market Insight: Global Water Market in 2018 - The Transition to Smarter Spending in Water & Wastewater

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Market Insight: Global Water Market in 2018 - The Transition to Smarter Spending in Water & Wastewater
Published: June 30, 2017 Content info: 61 Pages


The Global Water Market in 2018 is a crucial update on the forecasts from the Global Water Market 2017 report. This report investigates the latest major market trends that will influence investment and opportunity in the water sector in the coming year, keeping your business up with date on the new developments that will shape your strategy for 2018-2022.

This report incorporates brand new data from countries such the USA and China, and builds on insights from our latest reports, including Desalination & Water Reuse (published April 2017) and Water's Digital Future (Published September 2016), providing you with both regional insights and analysis, and a global outlook on emerging market developments.

The report pinpoints the most important changes in the water market, exploring the growing deployment of smart systems, big-data technologies, and decentralised solutions for water treatment around the world. It examines financial and regulatory changes to the water sectors in countries such as Japan, Saudi Arabia, Peru, and Brazil, and which markets are increasingly opening up to private sector involvement.

With updates to the Global Water Market 2017 industrial and utility forecasts, and breakdowns of the market prospects and technology trends for the developed and emerging economies, The Global Water Market in 2018 is the only report giving you the complete picture of emerging opportunities in the water sector.

This is a must-have forecast update to keep your business on track through 2018-2022, providing you with rich analysis and actionable information in a succinct 40 pages.

Key Features

  • Smarter Investment in the Developed Markets - We explore the increasing investment in smart systems, big-data technologies and infrastructural improvements by utilities in North America and Europe, and how this will affect water market forecasts for the developed economies, utility operating expenditure, and the prospects for software-as-a-service providers in the water industry.
  • Private Sector Opportunities in Water - An overview of the countries implementing new legislation to encourage private sector involvement in water, how their markets are opening up, and what these changes will mean for your business. This report will focus on water markets in the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia.
  • The outlook for medium size growth markets in 2018 - With countries such as Saudi Arabia and Peru implementing new water laws and financing structures, this report will give you an insight into the upcoming opportunities in these emerging market spaces.
  • Technology Opportunities and Trends - We examine the growing use of decentralised modular and containerised treatment solutions and how they will affect rural water use, and the ability of the Oil & Gas and mining industries to meet their water needs. Plus, how shifting technology preferences and new regulations will affect the sludge treatment market.
  • Desalination & Water Reuse Forecast Update - An update on how the unconventional water market will develop in 2018-2022 as utilities and industries increasingly turn to new solutions and partnerships to solve water scarcity. We identify technology use trends and the regions that are driving investment in the advanced water treatment market.
  • Industrial Market Forecast Update - We analyse changes in the Power, Mining, Oil & Gas and Refining industries, and others, so you can stay up to date with the latest developments in industrial water market.

Who Needs This Market Update?

  • Water Technology Companies - Get the latest updates and trends for your core markets and understand the active regions to target.
  • Finance and Investors- Identify the strongest markets and up-to-date investment opportunities at a glance, with utility and industry market forecasts and analyses of regional market changes.
  • Water Technology Suppliers- Find out which technologies are receiving the most interest and uptake from utilities and industries and where, so you can position your business as a must-have provider to your customer base.
  • Industrial End-Users - Assess which trends are gaining traction in other industries and identify technologies that can help you reduce costs and improve efficiency.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents



  • 1.1. United States
  • 1.2. Japan
  • 1.3. Growth of digital solutions
  • 1.4. More efficient sludge management


  • 2.1. China
  • 2.2. India
  • 2.3. Brazil


  • 3.1. Saudi Arabia
  • 3.2. Peru
  • 3.3. Philippines
  • 3.4. Central and Eastern Europe


  • 4.1. Modular and containerised solutions for desalination
  • 4.2. Industrial systems



  • 6.1. Upstream oil & gas
  • 6.2. Refining & petrochemicals
  • 6.3. Power generation
  • 6.4. Mining
  • 6.5. Other industries
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