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Global Regulations Package: Water Quality, Environmental Protection & Reuse

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Global Regulations Package: Water Quality, Environmental Protection & Reuse
Published: October 24, 2017 Content info:


Regulations and water quality standards define the market for water technology. However, these definitions are shifting in markets across the globe. Advances in monitoring technologies and digital communication have raised the visibility of contaminants in both the environment and the public conscience, putting greater focus on safeguarding public and environmental health through strict compliance with regulation. In many countries, this is resulting not only in more stringent water and wastewater quality standards for utilities, but also in the development of regulatory regimes covering entire water bodies, as a means of tackling non-point source pollution such as stormwater and agricultural run-off. These regulatory developments are bringing new opportunities and legal requirements for water sector stakeholders, and will shape the specific technology needs of different water markets in the years to come.

The GWI Global Regulations Package helps you to understand the opportunities emerging from water, wastewater and sludge regulations and plan your business strategy accordingly. The Package provides you with an extensive directory of water, wastewater and biosolids quality standards, supported by an analysis of the key water quality and pollution issues driving current and future regulation and target-setting in the water industry, the countries which are leading the way in addressing them, and the relationship between developments in technology and regulation.

The Global Regulations Package consists of two parts:

The WaterData Regulations Database, an online resource providing an extensive directory of quality standards for potable water, wastewater, reuse & municipal sludge from national and regional regulators across the world. Examine the regulatory environment and quality standards of over 40 countries.

The GWI Market Insight, a digital report analysing the regulations, water quality targets and incentives that are set to have the greatest impact on the market, and the key themes driving regulatory developments across the world. This commentary and analysis will help you position your business to make use of the growth opportunities emerging from regulation.

This is an essential, time-saving tool for incorporating water industry regulations into your business operations and strategy.

The GWI Market Insight

The Market Insight analyses the key global themes driving regulations, water quality targets and incentives around the world, and their impact on water markets at a global and national level. It examines the relationship between technological developments and regulatory change, exploring how improved detection and public understanding of water quality issues is increasing the socio-political risk of non-compliance, obliging utilities to be more pro-active in identifying and dealing with pollution, and driving opportunities for new treatment technologies.

Featuring key country profiles, the Market Insight highlights where regulations have forced investment in treatment technology and plant upgrades, with reference to specific utility project case studies to aid your market research. It also analyses future trends in regulatory development and compliance, so you can see which geographies to expand into and how to increase your existing market share.

Key Features:

  • Wastewater Reuse - Although reuse practices are being adopted, the market is fragmented and regulatory frameworks are catching up. Calls for quality standards relating to indirect and direct potable water reuse are being implemented to ensure it is safe for human consumption. Examine the different reuse regulations being enforced across Europe, North America and Australia and understand where there is the greatest demand for your expertise.
  • Sludge Management & Resource Recovery - Limited availability of phosphate rock is pushing the market for nutrient removal and recovery from wastewater effluent and sewage sludge. Analyse the specific targets and regulations being brought into action as the EU countries, and the USA seek to increase nutrient recovery from wastewater. Identify the emerging technology needs and incoming legal requirements for the sludge treatment industry.
  • The Fight Against Micropollutants - Regulators are increasingly concerned with the risks posed by micropollutants, such as pesticides, hormones, pharmaceutical and personal care products. Find out how European countries such as Germany and Switzerland are leading the way on micropollutant regulations and forcing utilities to take action now, and how countries such as the USA, Sweden and Singapore are following up.
  • Stormwater & CSO Events - Explore how regulatory bodies in Europe, the USA and elsewhere are strengthening legislation to encourage utilities to prevent Stormwater and Combined Sewer Overflows, and the serious threat they pose to the environment and public health. A growing emphasis on protecting environmental water quality, from the Ganga river in India to the Chesapeake Bay in the USA, rather than just tackling point source pollution, means that the role of stormwater and agricultural run-off is increasingly coming into focus. Use the Market Insight to identify the infrastructure and technology opportunities arising from this regulatory shift.
  • Key Country Profiles - Examine how regulations and quality standards, whether enforced or incentivised, are leading to amendments in national regulatory frameworks, and driving opportunity in several water technology markets in the coming years. Featuring detailed breakdowns of new legal requirements, emerging technology opportunities and future trends in regulatory development and compliance in Canada, the USA, the EU, Germany, Switzerland, India, China, Chile, and Australia.
  • Case Studies - of specific projects undertaken by utilities to meet regulation or respond to public health crises, exploring how private and public utilities face different challenges and levels of public backlash against permit breaching.
  • Industrial - a discussion on regulatory developments in core industrial markets such as O&G, mining, and power.

The WaterData Regulations Database

The Regulations Database is a complete directory of all current regulations and guidelines relating to quality standards for potable water, municipal wastewater disposal and reuse, and treated sludge in over 40 countries, allowing your business to assess the prime markets for your solutions, and identify potential opportunities for tailoring technologies to meet emerging challenges.

Covering every region and over 40 countries. Search quality standards for:

Argentina Colombia India Mexico Qatar Switzerland
Australia Costa Rica Indonesia Morocco Republic of Korea Tunisia
Bangladesh Egypt Iran New Zealand Russia Turkey
Brazil EU Israel Oman Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates- Abu Dhabi
Canada France Italy Peru Singapore United Kingdom
Chile Germany Japan The Philippines South Africa United States - Federal
ChinaHungaryMalaysiaPolandSpainUnited States-California, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas
  • Search numerical standards for quality parameters such as Organic and Inorganic Chemicals (including pesticides, heavy metals, nutrients and disinfectants groupings), Microbial Contaminants, Radionuclides and Organoleptic Effects (aesthetic aspects) by country, and benchmark it by WHO and EU standards.
  • Examine individual states and districts in the USA, UAE, Canada and Australia.
  • Detailed information of individual regulations which you can collect and compare to gather all the data you need for your solution.

Housed inside the WaterData platform, the Regulations Database is an intuitive, sophisticated tool that makes finding regulations pertaining to your core or target markets simple. The ability to search by country or parameter, in addition to WHO and EU standards, makes this database an essential time-saving tool for businesses scoping out markets and opportunities and ensuring compliance throughout their business operations.

The Regulations Package is an Essential Resource for:

  • Water Technology Companies - Pinpoint the specific technology needs and legal requirements in different countries, and discover where regulations and national targets are driving demand for certain water treatment technologies, so you can expand into new markets with confidence.
  • EPC Contractors & Systems Integrators - Stay up to date with incoming legal requirements and incentive schemes for the water sectors in your target countries, so you can determine which technology providers are ideal partners in different regulatory environments.
  • Investors & Financiers - Understand the risks of non-compliance and identify where new water, wastewater & sludge regulations and targets are driving market growth, and where your next investment opportunity lies as multiple countries update their regulatory frameworks.
  • Analysts and Research Institutes - Explore in-depth breakdowns of regulatory frameworks and incentive schemes across different countries and water quality parameters, with case studies exploring market developments. Make detailed comparisons between specific water markets and quality standards so you have all the information to guide your research.
  • Utilities - Understand the guidelines, national targets and incentives in place in other regions to help you deal with issues in your home market.
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