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GWI Market Focus Deck: Desalination & Reuse Markets

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GWI Market Focus Deck: Desalination & Reuse Markets
Published: July 7, 2020 Content info: 181 Pages


The dynamics between desalination, reuse and traditional water sources depend heavily on differing regulations, costs and political climates from local to regional contexts. This report will zone in on the top ten key desalination and reuse markets, providing detailed analysis on their unique market dynamics and detailed forecasts providing a clear idea of where to position your business for growth.

Local water scarcity issues, along with water reuse and recycling policies that can be difficult to design and implement, meaning that navigating this fragmented market remains a challenge. However, with new technologies, shifting public opinion and developing water recycling programs to enhance existing utility systems, there are now major opportunities to provide cost-effective and sustainable innovative solutions. Understanding these solutions will become increasingly critical as more competitors enter the market.

Capitalising on the opportunities created is key and will require an in-depth knowledge of international markets, procurement structures, and extensive forecast data for market size, growth, and distribution of activity. GWI's Market Focus Deck is an essential resource for anyone looking to enter, or already active in these markets, providing access to detailed desalination, reuse and brine concentration forecasts to 2025, comprehensive market profiles for the 10 largest markets and in-depth analysis on the main drivers, trends and restraints.

Key Features:

Desal Technologies

Access a detailed breakdown of the key desalination and brine concentration technologies across the sector. Covering established and emerging technologies alongside pre-commercial technology developments, this section provides a detailed breakdown of the key desalination technologies, along with key suppliers, across the sector. This section also analyses the key trends driving uptake of new brine concentration technologies.

Desal Economics

This section comprehensively explores the main drivers behind the record drop in the price of desal in the Gulf. Covering the costs of finance and energy, tariff prices, varying CAPEX & OPEX costs and more, the Desal Economics is essential reading for anyone seeking to take make a cost-competitive offering in the desalination market.

Key Market Players

Access a data showing the top 20 desalination plant suppliers and project developers globally, broken down by region and reference type., so you can pinpoint your potential clients, partners or competitors and plan your market strategy.

Key Markets

A detailed breakdown of the world's top 10 desalination and reuse markets alongside detailed forecasts and analysis on key market opportunities. Identify where growth is happening, where best to position your business and how opportunities vary across each market.

Market Forecast:

  • Desalination CAPEX & OPEX Forecasts: Equipment/service type, plant type, country and end-user
  • Desalination Contracted & Operating capacity forecasts broken by Technology, country and end-user
  • Reuse forecast by: country, installed capacity by reuse application and treatment level, installed triple barrier and tertiary treatment by capacity and country.
  • Thermal brine concentration CAPEX AND OPEX

Who Should Read This Report?

This report will help inform your bidding decisions in each region. It will help you to identify the most viable projects according to the economic climate and regulatory drivers in each market.

Consulting Engineers

Understand emerging trends in the market and access in-depth analysis of new technologies, so you can pinpoint which technologies best meet the demands of your client.

EPC Contractors

This report will help you to stay ahead of the curve and monitor emerging areas of activity and projects, so you can get involved and bid at the earliest stage.


Financing structures are a key driver of low bid prices in the desalination market and are a key part of the journey to making water reuse affordable for all. Find out how desalination and reuse projects are financed, and which countries offer the best opportunities and conditions for investing in these projects. Discover the reuse trends most worth investing in.

Technology Providers

Understand the types of technologies and applications, the needs and challenges and how these are driving demand - and identify the best regions for your solution.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

  • a. Desal
  • b. Reuse
  • c. Brine concentration

2. Market forecast

  • a. Desal
  • b. Reuse
  • c. Brine concentration

3. Desal economics

  • a. Tariff prices
  • b. Cost of energy

4. Desalination and brine concentration technologies

  • a. Established technologies
  • b. Emerging technologies
  • c. Forecast
  • d. Drivers
  • e. Restraints
  • f. Regulations
  • g. Market segment players

5. Pre-commercial technology developments

  • a. EPC Contractors
    • i. Top 20 plant suppliers globally, broken down region and reference type
  • b. Developers
    • i. Developer rankings by awarded capacity
    • ii. Desalination project equity rankings
    • iii. Gulf bid prices submitted

6. Key markets: desal & reuse

  • a. 10 countries. Desal & reuse forecast, key market opportunities.
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