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SD-WAN Focus Group: Path to Success Still Uncertain

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SD-WAN Focus Group: Path to Success Still Uncertain
Published: October 13, 2017 Content info: 12 Pages

Virtually all of the telecom predictions published at the beginning of the year indicated that software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) would become a disruptive force in the industry. As the final months of 2017 draw nigh, it appears the insight provided by the great telco crystal ball was somewhat justified.

But figuring out how to best deploy SD-WAN and generate significant, long-term revenue is something that none of the fortune-tellers have been able to answer, according to insight from SD-WAN experts at communications service providers (CSPs) involved with a new research initiative by Heavy Reading.

The Thought Leadership Council circumvents traditional industry hype to ascertain how CSPs are really responding to important industry technologies and trends. What makes this initiative so unique is that participants discuss issues in a completely anonymous forum, enabling them to share insights and express business realities that otherwise could not be shared.

TLC members could identify up to three barriers to wide-scale implementation of SD-WAN. Almost half said that ensuring carrier-grade reliability was a significant barrier, and about 25 percent said ensuring security was a challenge. Fifteen percent of focus group service providers said lack of interoperability among SD-WAN suppliers was a barrier, and 15 percent identified a lack of internal software expertise as a challenge.

‘SD-WAN Focus Group: Path to Success Still Uncertain’ was generated from a Q&A with service providers that are SD-WAN experts. This focus group was asked nine questions about deployment, challenges and benefits of the technology and revenue related to SD-WAN. The results clearly illustrate that while SD-WAN is clearly seen as a de facto technology going forward, answers to practical questions about the technology haven't been as easy to divine.

The following excerpt illustrates how far along service providers in our focus group are in terms of deploying SD-WAN. More than 60 percent of service providers in the focus group indicate they've already deployed SD-WAN. Of that 60 percent, one service provider deployed in early 2016 and is now entering its second phase of deployment; another service provider is deploying SD-WAN via a partnership for cloud connectivity.

‘SD-WAN Focus Group: Path to Success Still Uncertain’ is published in PDF format.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


  • Key Findings
  • About the Thought Leadership Council


  • Figure 1: What is your company's current status regarding SD-WAN deployment?
  • Figure 2: When will SD-WAN become an important part of your company's service portfolio?
  • Figure 3: What is your company's strategy in deploying SD-WAN?
  • Figure 4: What is your primary hardware strategy for SD-WAN deployment over the next five years?
  • Figure 5: What is the relationship between SD-WAN & NFV in your company?
  • Figure 6: How aware are your customers of SD-WAN?


  • Figure 7: When SD-WAN is fully deployed, what impact do you expect it to have on your company's revenue?


  • Figure 8: What are the benefits of SD-WAN managed services for your customers?


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