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5G in the U.K.: Prospects for Enterprises

Published: | IDC | 24 Pages | Delivery time: 1-2 business days


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5G in the U.K.: Prospects for Enterprises
Published: October 19, 2021
Content info: 24 Pages
Delivery time: 1-2 business days
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This IDC Market Perspective assesses the progress made by the U.K.'s mobile industry, government, and academic institutions in developing 5G and the prospects for availability and adoption of 5G applications that can transform the productivity and effectiveness of U.K. enterprises."U.K. mobile operators' 5G development strategies should be oriented primarily toward the needs of the enterprise market," said John Delaney, associate, IDC. "This is where most of the opportunity for incremental 5G revenue resides."

Table of Contents
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Executive Snapshot

New Market Developments and Dynamics

  • Introduction: What Differentiates the U.K. Among European 5G Markets?
  • The Development of 5G in the U.K.
    • Principal New Capabilities of 5G
    • The U.K.: Among the Last With 4G, But Among the First With 5G
    • Progress in the Rollout of Public 5G Networks
      • Early 5G Rollout was Slowed Down by Several Factors
        • Difficulties in Obtaining and Upgrading Sites for 5G Equipment
        • Uncertainty Over the Status of Huawei as a Network Equipment Provider
        • Public Health Scares
        • Site Works Held up by the Pandemic
      • Circumstances for Further 5G Rollout are Improving
        • An End to Uncertainty Over Huawei
        • Some Regulatory Help With 5G
        • Pandemic Restrictions Have Been Eased in the U.K.
        • 5G Scaremongers' Influence Over Planning Decisions is Starting to Wane
      • 5G Rollout in the U.K.: Status and Prospects

Advice for the Services Provider

  • 5G Enables the Transformation of Enterprise Operations
    • Innovative 5G Applications
  • Putting 5G to Work in the U.K.
    • Government, Industry, and Academia Collaborate to Develop Advanced Applications of 5G
      • DCMS 5G Testbeds and Trials
        • West Midlands 5G
        • Liverpool 5G
        • 5GEM U.K.
        • 5G-Encode
        • 5G Factory of the Future
        • 5G RuralDorset
        • 5G RuralFirst
        • 5G New Thinking
      • Scotland 5G Centre
      • 5G Wales Unlocked
    • In Summary: Milestones in the Development of 5G in the U.K.
    • U.K. Mobile Operators Work to Boost Enterprise Adoption of 5G
    • 5G for U.K. Enterprises: Mobile Operator Case Studies
      • BT
        • 5G Rollout and Uptake
        • Enterprise Adoption of 5G
        • Advanced Applications of 5G
      • Vodafone
        • 5G Rollout and Uptake
        • Enterprise Adoption of 5G
        • Applications of 5G Beyond Device Connectivity
        • Government and Industry Initiatives

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