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Global PLM Priorities by Region

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Global PLM Priorities by Region
Published: December 10, 2021
Content info: 9 Pages
Delivery time: 1-2 business days
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This IDC study discusses the global PLM priorities, detailed by region. IDC surveyed more than 800 PLM and SLM decision makers exploring current business concerns, future priorities, and PLM implementation goals. These manufacturing companies are looking forward from the challenges of trade wars and supply chain disruptions to generate new revenue and establish new markets. Manufacturers' PLM usage is focusing on higher product quality and greater collaboration, as being necessary to achieve growth and manage product complexity."Manufacturers are in the middle of a strategic transition, from reacting to supply chain disruptions to developing and implementing aggressive growth strategies. Mounting costs and delays within product development, production, and support have become untenable. Manufacturers are now defining a new normal, that counteracts uncertain work forces, supply chains, and market demands with greater efficiency, agility, and resilience. PLM is the foundation for key initiatives such as higher quality, inclusive collaboration, data-driven innovation, and portfolio management," said John Snow, research director, Product Innovation Strategies at IDC.

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Executive Snapshot

Situation Overview

  • Survey Results by Region
    • North America
      • Primary Business Concerns - North America
      • 12-24 Month Priorities - North America
      • Industry Drivers for PLM - North America
      • What This Means - North America
    • Europe
      • Primary Business Concerns - Europe
      • 12-24 Month Priorities - Europe
      • Industry Drivers for PLM - Europe
      • What This Means - Europe
    • Asia/Pacific
      • Primary Business Concerns - Asia/Pacific
      • 12-24 Month Priorities - Asia/Pacific
      • Industry Drivers for PLM - Asia/Pacific
      • What This Means - Asia/Pacific
    • Middle East
      • Primary Business Concerns - Middle East
      • 12-24 Month Priorities - Middle East
      • Industry Drivers for PLM - Middle East
      • What This Means - Middle East

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