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IDC PlanScape: Low-Code Tools to Transform Frontline Development

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This IDC PlanScape explores the factors that help assess whether or when leveraging low-code capabilities can make sense, identifying four key questions as conditions for success:Has the business problem been solved using pro-code tools?Are the use cases stable and well understood?Are the business processes stable and clearly defined?Is incoming data clean and well managed?Industry use cases exemplify the opportunities and demonstrate how these qualifying questions can help identify the low-hanging fruit."CIOs and IT leaders now have access to transformative tools and strategies that offer viable choices between command-line developer tools, low-code tools, and no-code tools where there is no need to enable the use of custom code," says Alizabeth Calder, adjunct research advisor with IDC's IT Executive Programs (IEP). "The decision among these platforms is critical and must be made considering the universe of use cases and scenarios digitized."

Product Code: US50025622

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Executive Summary

Why Are Low-Code Tools for Frontline Development Important?

What Are Low-Code Tools for Frontline Development?

  • Condition Number 1 for Success: The Business Problem Has Been Solved Using Pro-Code Tools
  • Condition Number 2 for Success: The Use Cases Are Stable and Well Understood
  • Condition Number 3 for Success: The Business Processes Are Stable and Clearly Defined
  • Condition Number 4 for Success: The Incoming Data Is Clean and Well Managed
  • Using Low Code: A Critical Operating Decision

Who Are the Key Stakeholders?

  • Low-Code Development in Manufacturing
  • Low-Code Development in Healthcare
  • Low-Code Development in Supply Chain and Logistics

How Can My Organization Take Advantage of Low-Code Tools for Frontline Development?

Advice for Technology Buyers

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