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IDC's Worldwide IT Cloud Services Taxonomy, 2012

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IDC's Worldwide IT Cloud Services Taxonomy, 2012
Published: March 12, 2012 Content info: 21 Pages

This publication has been discontinued on April 1, 2014.


This IDC study discusses the IT cloud services market, which continues to grow and evolve at an astonishing rate. New offerings come to market regularly, often defining new functional segments and new deployment options. This study updates IDC's definition of cloud services and the various cloud services deployment models. It also updates and expands IDC's taxonomy of the IT cloud services market.

"This study provides the fourth update of IDC's cloud services taxonomy since 2008," according to IDC SVP and Chief Analyst Frank Gens. "Clients will be glad to know we've maintained strong continuity with our prior taxonomies. But we've also made some major enhancements, including incorporating the widely used NIST taxonomy, adding important categories such as network and client cloud services, and adding a new, strategically important segment called cloud application platforms that defines integrated PaaS platforms such as Google's App Engine, Microsoft's Azure, and's"

Table of Contents
Product Code: 233396

Table of Contents

IDC Opinion

In This Study

  • Methodology

Situation Overview

  • What's New in IDC's IT Cloud Services Taxonomy?

  • What Are "Cloud Services?"

    • Eight Cloud Services Key Attributes

      • Shared, Standard Service

      • Solution Packaged

      • Self-Service

      • Elastic Resource Scaling

      • Elastic, Use-Based Pricing

      • Ubiquitous (Authorized) Network Access

      • Standard UI Technologies

      • Published Service Interface/API

    • Comparison with NIST's Cloud Computing Definition

  • Cloud Services Deployment Models

    • More Detail on Public and Private Cloud Service Deployment Models

    • Private Cloud Services Key Attributes (Points of Note)

  • IT Cloud Services Taxonomy: Key IT Cloud Services Categories

    • Our Starting Point for Cloud Services Segmentation --- IDC's Functional IT Market Taxonomy

    • Important Changes for IDC's 2012 IT Cloud Services Taxonomy

    • Definitions of the IT Cloud Services Segments

Future Outlook

Essential Guidance

Learn More

  • Related Research

  • Synopsis

Table: IDC's New IT Cloud Services Taxonomy, 2012

Table: IDC's Old IT Cloud Services Taxonomy, 2008---2011

Figure: Cloud Services Key Attributes

Figure: Cloud Services Deployment Models

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