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China FTTx 2012-2016 Forecast and Analysis

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China FTTx 2012-2016 Forecast and Analysis
Published: June 6, 2012 Content info: 22 Pages

This publication has been discontinued on July 1, 2014.


This IDC study analyzes and forecasts the development trends in the FTTx service market and the scale of the fiber network device market in China, based on research on and analysis of China's broadband market environment, operators' actions, FTTx service development status and investment, and the broadband service macroplans of the three major China telecom operators in 2011.

The rapid prevalence of high-bandwidth applications, such as IPTV, high-resolution video and online game, results in exponential growth of network traffic to China telecom operators. The fact that xDSL as a broadband access could not meet the market needs and that SARFT companies intensified their investment in broadband services by leveraging the triple-play business opportunity drives China telecom operators to upgrade broadband network capacity and capability urgently, in order to both support their service development needs and battle against competitors. Since 2011, China telecom operators have been significantly increasing their investment in FTTx; as a result, both their network coverage and number of subscribers have achieved rapid growth.

"As the FTTx industry further matures and the costs of network construction and service further decline, the FTTx service market in China will enter a phase of large-scale development in the next five years. Both the investment scale and the number of new subscribers will be far higher than that in the past five years, which will provide great opportunity for FTTx device suppliers, fiber cable manufacturers, systems integrators, and other industry participants," says Jason Shen, senior analyst, Telecom and Services, IDC China.

Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

IDC Opinion

In This Study

  • Methodology

    • Primary Sources

    • Desk Research

    • Important Conventions

  • Definitions

Situation Overview

  • Rapid Development of Broadband Services in China

  • FTTx: The Primary Way of Accessing Broadband Services in China

    • FTTx Service Development, Supported Strongly by Policies and the Market Environment

    • Acceleration of Operators' FTTx Network Construction, Driven by User Demand for High-Bandwidth Services

    • Remarkable Results of FTTx Development in China

  • Continued High Growth of the China Fiber Network Device Market

Future Outlook

  • Forecast and Assumptions

  • FTTx Market Forecast

    • FTTx Subscriber Forecast

    • FTTx Service Revenue Forecast

    • Fiber Network Device Market Forecast

Essential Guidance

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  • Related Research

  • Synopsis

Table: China Broadband Subscribers, 2007-2011

Table: Broadband Services Operated by SARFT Companies and Power Companies

Table: FTTx Investment by China Telecommunications Operators

Table: China Fiber Network Device Market, 2009-2011

Table: Top 3 Assumptions for the China FTTx Market, 2012-2016

Table: Key Forecast Assumptions for the China FTTx Market, 2012-2016

Table: China FTTx Subscribers, 2011-2016

Table: China FTTx Market Size, 2011-2016

Table: China Fiber Network Device Market Size, 2011-2016

Figure: China Broadband Subscribers, 2007-2011

Figure: China IPTV Subscriber Number and Growth, 2008-2011

Figure: China FTTx Subscriber Number and Growth, 2009-2011

Figure: China FTTx Service Revenue and Growth, 2009-2011

Figure: China Fiber Network Device Market Size, 2009-2011

Figure: China FTTx Subscribers, 2011-2016

Figure: China FTTx Service Market Size, 2011-2016

Figure: China Fiber Network Device Market Size, 2011-2016

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