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12 Prospective Blockchain Use Cases for Payer Care Management

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12 Prospective Blockchain Use Cases for Payer Care Management
Published: September 12, 2018 Content info: 14 Pages

This IDC Perspective explores the emerging set of care-related blockchain use cases for the healthcare payer vertical. Blockchain interoperability needs time, cooperation, and momentum to mature toward a wider scale of adoption and to truly impact health insurance and healthcare. However, the future is now, and the market clearly reflects much buzz around the technology and its potential for forming a next-generation vehicle for data management and middleware."Early adopters are passionate about how the promise of this particular middleware data management solution has caught on," says Jeff Rivkin, research director, Payer IT Transformation Strategies. "But with the potentials of payer-provider data integration, patient care optimization, and data access and control, which incentivize and optimize the behavior and care process, one must pay attention. Payers must be patient and steadfast through this technology's fits and starts. Don't get left behind."

Table of Contents
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Executive Snapshot

Situation Overview

IDC Health Insights' Point of View

  • Access Control
    • Manage Identity and Health Documents
    • Optimize Out-of-Network Care
    • Manage Consent
  • Care Data Management
    • Democratize Personal Health Data
    • Coordinate a Longitudinal Health Record
  • Care Execution and Incentives
    • Manage Care Plan
    • Facilitate Out-of-Country Care
    • Facilitate Telehealth
    • Manage Wellness and Chronic Disease
    • Manage Medication
  • Advanced Care Technology Enablement
    • Track Biometrics
    • Share Genomics

Advice for the Technology Buyer

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