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The Dawn of Quantum Computing - A European Perspective

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The Dawn of Quantum Computing - A European Perspective
Published: November 27, 2018 Content info: 10 Pages

This IDC Market Perspective discusses the promises that quantum computing seeks to fulfill and how Europe is positioned in the quantum race. It examines the potential applications and use cases for quantum, analyzes the possible implications that quantum computing could have for IT providers across several domains (IT services, hardware, security, and software), and concludes with recommendations for technology end users."Although quantum computing remains an immature technology, the combination of start-ups, research labs, and academia is turning Europe into a vibrant quantum ecosystem, set to remain a central hub for quantum innovation in the years to come," said Francesca Ciarletta, lead analyst, IDC European Infrastructure services, based in London. "While quantum machines will never replace classical computers, there are some applications where quantum shows the most promise. Industries such as financial services, material science, logistics, and pharmaceuticals would be advised to start investigating the potential of quantum to make the most out of the technology as it reaches maturity."

Table of Contents
Product Code: EMEA44427118

Executive Snapshot

New Market Developments and Dynamics

  • Key Quantum Computing Developments
  • Quantum Computing in a Nutshell
    • Quantum Computer Model Types
    • Quantum Computing's Big Challenges: Decoherence and Error Correction
    • Problems Potentially Suitable for a Quantum Computer
  • Quantum Computing in Europe
    • Identifying Potential Use Cases in Europe
    • A Snapshot of the European Quantum Ecosystem
  • Implications for IT Providers
    • Implications for IT Services
    • Implications for Hardware Providers
    • Implications for Security
    • Implications for Software Providers

Advice for IT USERS

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  • Synopsis
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