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Edge Computing Opportunities for Telecom Operators: Myth or Reality?

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Edge Computing Opportunities for Telecom Operators: Myth or Reality?
Published: March 11, 2019 Content info: 20 Pages

This IDC Market Perspective provides an overview of edge computing and its opportunities for telecommunications operators. It identifies the most promising use cases and business models for edge computing in Europe."Edge computing is critical and will pave the way to new use cases, especially low-latency use cases. Additionally, edge will improve network usage, reduce costs, and enhance customer experience. Telecommunications operators are in a unique position to capture edge benefits, but they risk being relegated to dumb edge providers if they do not move up the value chain," said Bruno Teyton, senior research director, IDC EMEA Telecoms and Networking.

Table of Contents
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Executive Snapshot

New Market Developments and Dynamics

  • Introduction: Why is Edge Computing Important for Telecom Operators?
    • Opportunities
    • Challenges
  • Defining Edge in Telco Infrastructures
    • Benefits of Edge Computing to Telecom Operators
      • Enabling Ultra-Low-Latency Use Cases
      • Application Awareness and Content Optimization
      • Battery Life Optimization
      • Offloading
      • Security, Compliance, and Data Sovereignty
    • 5G and Edge
    • Use Cases: Edge is Both an Internal and External Game
      • Edge Computing Internal Use Cases
      • Edge Computing External Use Cases
    • Business Models
      • Edge Integrator
      • Hoster and IaaS Edge Provider
      • Aggregator
      • Edge Platform as a Service
      • End-to-End Edge Service Provider
  • Industry Dynamics
    • Standardization and Open Source
      • ETSI Multi-Access Edge Computing
      • OpenFog
      • Open Edge Computing
      • Central Office Rearchitected as a Datacenter (CORD)
    • Telecom Operator Examples
      • Deutsche Telekom
    • Orange
    • Telefonica
    • Vodafone
  • Taxonomy Guidance


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  • Synopsis
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