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IDC PlanScape: Surveillance Avenue - Urban Mobility and Addressing the Erosion of Privacy

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IDC PlanScape: Surveillance Avenue - Urban Mobility and Addressing the Erosion of Privacy
Published: May 10, 2019 Content info: 12 Pages

This IDC study discusses individual privacy and urban mobility and the implications for individuals, governments, and technology suppliers as information is collected and analyzed from transportation systems to help transportation authorities reduce traffic congestion, incorporate new modes of travel like TNCs or shared scooters, and manage road systems effectively."As increasing amounts of data are collected, we are faced with the issue that one must exchange personal privacy for the use of publicly funded transportation networks or assets. Whether initially personally identifiable or anonymous, individual data from urban mobility can be deanonymized, which is not only invasive but also enables potentially dangerous situations. Data collectors and owners must assure the public of responsible data use, which will come to realization by the adoption of extensive data privacy protection laws or guidelines," says Mark Zannoni, IDC research director for Smart Cities and Transportation and head of IDC's Worldwide Urban Mobility Program.

Table of Contents
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Executive Summary

Why Is Individual Privacy and Urban Mobility Important?

  • The Fine Print: Opting Out
  • Mobile Phone Location Data
    • Revealing Individual Identities by Merging Data Sets
    • Connected Vehicles and Street Infrastructure

What Is Individual Privacy and Urban Mobility?

  • Balancing Individual Privacy Rights Versus the Public Interest
    • Recognition of Privacy Needs
      • General Data Protection Regulation
      • U.S. GAO, NIST, and Non-Transportation Privacy Models

Who Are the Key Stakeholders?

How Can My Organization Take Advantage of Individual Privacy and Urban Mobility?

Advice for Technology Buyers

  • For the Government

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