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The Impact of China Gaming Environment Changes in 2019

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The Impact of China Gaming Environment Changes in 2019
Published: August 13, 2019 Content info: 15 Pages

This report describes the overall environment of China's gaming market in the 2017-2019 time frame, mainly focusing on the impact of the government's games license pause from March to December 2018, among other recent regulatory changes. It also introduces the overseas expansion progress made by China-based gaming vendors and outlines potential opportunities and challenges that foreign companies should be aware of as they try to penetrate China moving forward."In 2018, China's gaming market experienced the slowest growing year in the past decade," said Turian Tan, gaming market analyst, IDC China. "As most of the large domestic vendors didn't ready for this somewhat unexpected winter, they decided to look beyond the 'Great Wall' and explore new opportunities in overseas regions, trying to minimize the loss from the local market slowdown. Although foreign gaming companies continue to be keen to enter the Chinese market, they need to know what's allowed and what's not in the new environment, and carefully choose a partner in the local ecosystem."

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Executive Snapshot

New Market Developments and Dynamics

  • The "Freeze"
    • Accelerated Overseas Expansions
    • Future Implication of the New Regulations

Advice for the Services Provider

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  • Related Research
  • Market Definitions
    • Client Games
    • Web Games
    • Mobile Games
    • Home Console Games
    • PC Single-Player Games
    • eSports Games
  • Synopsis
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