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Creating Innovation Strategies for the Unique Needs of IT

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Creating Innovation Strategies for the Unique Needs of IT
Published: November 29, 2019 Content info: 10 Pages

This IDC Perspective provides the framework for a compelling and coherent innovation approach for the IT organization. The crux of a successful IT innovation strategy is understanding and defining how new ideas will be created or discovered, vetted, prioritized, and "commercialized" by bringing them to realization and integrating them into the fabric of the enterprise. This document focuses on IT innovation strategies, describing what they are, why they are needed, IT innovation challenges that are unique to CIOs, and the key elements of an IT strategy."The enterprise vision, mission, goals, and business strategy make up the anchor and starting point for IT innovation strategies," says Marc Strohlein, adjunct research advisor with IDC's Research Network. "The alignment process needs to bring clarity to what innovation is desired and why it matters to the business."

Table of Contents
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Executive Snapshot

Situation Overview

  • Why CIOs Need an Innovation Strategy
  • Elements and Parameters of Effective IT Innovation Strategies
    • Alignment of Innovation Strategies with the Business Vision, Mission, Goals, and Strategy
    • Funding and Resources
    • The Innovation System
    • Governance and Portfolio Management
  • Development, Scaling, and Integration for Commercialization

Advice for the Technology Buyer

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  • Synopsis
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