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Smart Light-Emitting Diode Streetlights in China

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Smart Light-Emitting Diode Streetlights in China
Published: January 6, 2020 Content info: 12 Pages

This Market Perspective analyzes the key market drivers, benefits, and development trends of smart LED streetlights and proposes several suggestions on product optimization and market exploration. "The smart LED streetlight dramatically reduces the power consumption of public lighting as its more granular brightness tuning capability improves the efficiency of municipal administrations by providing extra reminders to pedestrians and vehicle drivers through its differentiated illumination brightness," says Richard Lu, research manager, Internet of Things, IDC China. "In addition, the smart LED streetlight is one of the few poles that proves site, power supply, and communication capability simultaneously, remarkably reducing Smart City IoT solution's deployment and operation costs."

Table of Contents
Product Code: CHE45090019

Executive Snapshot

New Market Developments and Dynamics

  • Definition
    • LED Streetlights
    • Smart LED Streetlights
  • Smart LED Streetlight System Architecture
    • Light Controller
      • Microprocessor
      • Communication Module
      • Metering Module
      • Electrical Leakage Detector
      • LED Controller
    • Field Network
    • Concentrator
      • Uploading Streetlight Data
      • Receiving Control Policies
      • Controlling Streetlights
      • Managing the Power Supply
      • Metering Electricity Consumption
    • WAN
    • Control Center
  • Streetlight System's Importance
  • Streetlight Systems' Challenges
    • High Electricity Consumption
    • High Operation Cost
    • Smart LED Streetlight's Benefits to the Government
      • Improved Reliability
      • Energy Saving
      • Environment Protection
      • Reduce Human Effort and Costs
      • Key Data Source for Big Data Analysis
      • New Method for City Management
      • Smart City IoT Solutions' Carrier Platform
  • Smart LED Streetlight's Challenges
    • Cybersecurity
    • Cross-Organization Coordination
    • High Initial Investment
  • Smart LED Streetlights' Further Development
    • Predictive Maintenance Capability Becomes Mature
    • Streetlight Pole Become Comprehensive IoT Carrier Platform
    • Streetlight Pole Provides EV Charging Service
    • Streetlight Pole Carries 5G Microbasestation
    • Streetlight Control Center Migrates to Cloud
  • Smart LED Streetlight Pilot Projects in China
    • Key Features of Smart LED Streetlight Pilot Projects in Wuhan
      • Multiple Policies to Support the Dynamic Illumination Time
    • Information Display
    • Information Enquiry Terminal
    • Video Surveillance
    • Reserved EV Charger Interface
    • Reserved 5G Basestation Cabinet

Advice for the Technology Supplier

  • Enhance Cybersecurity
  • Adapt to Cloud-Native Deployment
  • Improve Extensibility
  • Extend Control Center's Data and Device Management Capabilities
  • Cooperation with the Smart City General Contractor
  • Cooperate With City-Level Telecom Operators
  • Entry to Energy Management Contract Market at Developed Cities

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