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IDC PlanScape: Supply Chain Transformation to Power the New Age of Brand Loyalty

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IDC PlanScape: Supply Chain Transformation to Power the New Age of Brand Loyalty
Published: January 29, 2020 Content info: 11 Pages

This IDC PlanScape outlines the importance of developing a "thinking supply chain" to capture and retain customer loyalty. It describes how supply chain ecosystems must collaborate and accelerate decisions based on a trusted, secure, and intelligent relationship where all parties jointly understand and fulfill demand. This enables retailers to increase efficiency and become a preferred brand for customers."Brands must develop new types of agreements, metrics, decision-making criteria, and systems to work together to accelerate decision making, improve supply chain execution, and ultimately drive loyalty," states Leslie Hand, GVP, IDC Retail Insights. "IDC thinks about this in terms of the 'thinking supply chain' where there is a culture of sharing and trust throughout the supply ecosystem and a singular focus on best serving customers." She emphasizes that "customer experience and loyalty hinge on being able to exceed shopping and fulfillment expectations and simply cannot be done without removing the latency in decision processes and collaborating with joint success metrics in mind. IDC likes to refer to this as driving empathic relationships at scale - with both the consumer and partner."

Table of Contents
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Executive Summary

  • Industry Factors
  • Supply Chain Execution

Why Is Supply Chain Transformation Important?

  • What Is Supply Chain Execution in the New Wave of Loyalty?

What Is Supply Chain Transformation?

  • New Rules of Engagement
  • Collective Decisions and Metrics
  • Innovative Partnerships

Who Are the Key Stakeholders?

How Can My Organization Take Advantage of Supply Chain Transformation Technology?

Advice for Technology Buyers

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