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Choosing the Right Metrics for IT Innovation Initiatives

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Choosing the Right Metrics for IT Innovation Initiatives
Published: February 14, 2020 Content info: 10 Pages

This IDC Perspective enables CIOs to select the right metrics for innovation projects and initiatives. Defining metrics for IT innovation initiatives can be challenging; they are often complex undertakings with many moving parts, competing constituents, and wide-ranging goals. Stakeholders may also have different views of what constitutes success, further clouding the selection of metrics. Yet selecting the right metrics to assess IT innovation is critical because those metrics will heavily influence the focus, conduct, and success of innovation initiatives. This document explains why selecting the right innovation metrics is important, provides guidelines for selecting and implementing innovation metrics using a structured conceptual framework, and recommends best practices for maximizing the value of metrics to advance enterprise innovation."Electing the right metrics to guide and improve IT innovation is a challenging undertaking," says Marc Strohlein, adjunct research advisor, IDC's IT Executive Programs (IEP). "However, choosing the right metrics ensures that enterprises focus on the most important and fruitful areas of innovation and helps keep those efforts on track and optimized."

Table of Contents
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Executive Snapshot

Situation Overview

  • Why Selecting the Right Innovation Metrics Matters
  • Defining the Innovation Metrics Schema
    • Input Metrics
      • Process Capabilities
      • Resources
      • Leadership, Governance, and Culture
    • Output Metrics
      • Product, Service, and Process Improvement
      • Employee and Customer Impacts
      • Business Outcomes and Impacts
  • Avoiding Pitfalls and Maximizing the Value of Innovation Metrics

Advice for the Technology Leader

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  • Synopsis
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