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2012 Digital HUDs for Civil Aircraft Report

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2012 Digital HUDs for Civil Aircraft Report
Published: January 1, 2012 Content info: 27 Pages

This publication has been discontinued on August 26, 2015.


The Need:

Commercial transport and business jets are increasing using more and more digital HUDs. Anyone with an interest in this market will want to know what the key technology and product trends are, as well as the prospects for use of HUDs in these aircraft going forward. This report addresses that need.


The 2012 update of our original 2009 analysis indicates that the production rate of HUDs for commercial transport aircraft has increased substantially. This is driven by the increased use of dual-HUD cockpits and the expanded production rate for commercial aircraft. In the business jet market, the great recession has had more of an impact, with production rates of HUDs now slightly lower than in 2009.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. HUD Overview

3. Digital HUD Technology Overview

  • 3.1. Civil Aircraft HUD Installation
  • 3.2. Compact DHUDs for Business Jets

4. Air Transport DHUD Market Description and Forecast

  • 4.1. Introduction
  • 4.2. Commercial Transport HUD Forecast
  • 4.3. Business Aircraft HUD Market Overview

5. Summary / Roadmap

6. Further Reading

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Synthetic Vision System (SVS) Image
  • Figure 2: HUD Traditional vs EVS Views
  • Figure 3: Civil Aviation HUD Installation
  • Figure 4: Compact QHUD vs. Traditional HUD
  • Figure 5: Micro-Vis HUD
  • Figure 6: Rockwell Collins HGS-3500 Showing SVS Imagery
  • Figure 7: Commercial Air Transport Forecast (2010-2030) from Boeing CMO
  • Figure 8: Boeing CMO Forecast used in the 2009 DHUD Report
  • Figure 9: Air Travel has Increased by 5% per Year Since 1980 Despite a Variety of Crises
  • Figure 10: Airbus Forecast (2010-2029)
  • Figure 11: Embraer 190/195 Cockpit with Dual HUDs
  • Figure 12: Cumulative Digital HUD Sales Forecast for Commercial Air Transports
  • Figure 13: Cumulative Digital HUD Revenue Forecast (Air Transports)
  • Figure 14: Historical Business Jet Deliveries
  • Figure 15: Business Jet (non-VLJ) HUD Forecast
  • Figure 16: Business Jet HUD Revenue Forecast

Table of Tables

  • Table 1: Some Civil Air Transports
  • Table 2: Annual Transport HUD Forecast
  • Table 3: HUDs in Business Jets
  • Table 4: Business Jet Market Segmentation
  • Table 5: Business Jet DHUD Pricing
  • Table 6: Annual Business Aircraft HUD Forecast Factors
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