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IoT Startups Report & Database 2019

Published by IoT Analytics GmbH Product code 892968
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IoT Startups Report & Database 2019
Published: July 19, 2019 Content info: 62 Pages

62-page report & database on the current IoT Startup landscape including:

  • Global IoT Startup database, with classification of 1,000+ companies
  • 10 Detailed company profiles for the top 10 IoT Startups
  • Global IoT Startup analysis, by founded year, by technology focus type, by industry
  • Total & average IoT Startup funding by technology focus
  • Global distribution of IoT Startups by region, country, and city
  • Regional deep-dive IoT Startup analysis
  • IoT Startup employee analysis, by department and region
  • Average funding per employee by region, segment, and technology
  • And More

The ‘IoT Startup Database & Report 2019’ is part of IoT Analytics' ongoing coverage of IoT in General. The information presented in this report is based on extensive research conducted over several months (November 2018 to June 2019) that involved substantial effort to compile and classify a detailed data set of IoT Startups. The purpose of this document is to inform interested parties of the state, growth and details of startup activity in the global IoT Market as well as highlight some of the upcoming new players in the market - through the IoT Analytics research lens.


  • Who the top 10 IoT Startups are for 2019
  • Which technology layer most IoT startups are building solutions for
  • Which region is #1 for IoT Startups (country and city level analysis also provided)
  • Which industry segment most IoT Startups focus on
  • Which regions have most funding per employee for IoT Startups


  • How many IoT Startups are in the global market?
  • Which startups have received the highest funding in the IoT space?
  • Which region, state and city has the highest number of IoT startups?
  • Which segment do the majority of IoT Startups focus on?
  • What type of IoT technology do the majority of IoT Startups focus on?
  • Which startups are the Top 10 hottest IoT Startups?
  • What departments in IoT Startups have the most employees?
  • How much funding per employee do IoT Startups receive by region and segment?
  • Which IoT startup trends over time are becoming evident for the tech stack?


The aim of this report is to enhance transparency of the overall IoT Startups market and provide a valid database with detailed classification of the latest IoT Startups. As part of the report, IoT Analytics selected the top 1% or top 10 IoT Startups based on 6 criteria (i.e., existing investment, employee growth, partner ecosystem, team quality, customers, and analyst opinion). Detailed IoT Startup profiles are included for each top 10 startups giving an analyst view and company details such as key customers, employee development & split, etc.

The report shows that there are 1,000+ active IoT startup companies identified (including some acquired companies) and provides analysis of the IoT startup database by founded year, region, and technology.

Detailed classification of the 1,000+ IoT startups is provided in a comprehensive database with 64 columns of data for each IoT startup. The data is structured along 4 main dimensions: General Information, IoT Technology focus, Segment focus, and Further information such as employee numbers, funding infomation, and contact details.

The report segments the 1,000+ IoT startup companies across 4 main technology layers; IoT Hardware, IoT Connectivity, IoT Middleware & Software Infrastructure, and Application & Services.

The IoT Startup database provides average funding analysis per employee by industry, tech layer, and region as well as a detailed case study of how one IoT Startup went from first investment to a $300M exit in just 5 years.

A regional analysis of the IoT Startup database is presented to show the distribution of companies by founding country.

Furthermore, regional deep-dives are provided with detailed information on the number of startups in each country, the total funding received, the average funding per startup and highlights the startup with the highest funding in that country.

In addition, the study takes an in-depth look at the technology focus areas of the startups across all tech layers, the average funding received by technology and industry focus, and more. All IoT Startups detailed are presented in a comprehensive database to make them easily filterable and comparable.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • 1. lntroduction & Methodology
  • 2. The Top 10 IoT Startups 2019
  • 3. Global IoT Startup Analysis
  • 4. Regional Analysis
  • 5. Additional analyses
  • 6. About IoT Analytics
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