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Fast Track Your GDPR Compliance Efforts

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Fast Track Your GDPR Compliance Efforts
Published: May 25, 2018 Content info: 100 Pages


This is a BLUEPRINT designed for IT and business professionals that need practical best-practice research, tools, and templates to quickly get to action to better understand and address GDPR compliance and regulatory requirements. Info-Tech delivers practical research that delivers measurable results.

GDPR is here to stay! Many organizations struggle with the notion of a global data privacy regulation. Some question the enforceability of such a wide set of regulatory criteria, while many are concerned about their potential exposure and unsure of where to start.

It is important to understand the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is first of many enhancements to worldwide data privacy standards. Other jurisdictions, such as the US (various states), Canada, and Australia are following GDPR with updates to their privacy regulations.

With this unstoppable freight train of inevitable and improved data privacy baselines, the GDPR should be seen as a framework for an organization's data privacy efforts. Organizations should embrace GDPR's risk-based and pragmatic approach to data privacy.

This research will help you:

  • 1. Understand the regulation's applicability and the risks imposed by GDPR.
  • 2. Develop a defensible position for your internal and external stakeholders.
  • 3. Lay the foundation for future data privacy regulations and directives.

Follow Info-Tech's methodology to move towards GDPR compliance. The Blueprints includes a step-by-step approach to fast-track your GDPR compliance efforts. The Blueprint includes best-practice research and Excel-based tools and Word templates that your organization can use for your own purposes:

  • GDPR RACI Chart (Excel)
  • Record of Processing Template (Excel)
  • Data Protection Policy Template (Word)

Executive Summary


  • The GDPR enforcement deadline is here. Organizations must understand the risk of non-compliance and what the ramifications may mean for their reputation and future revenue.
  • There is no one-size-fits-all methodology. The scope of GDPR projects depends on the nature of applicability for your organization.


Organizations often tackle compliance efforts in an ad hoc manner, resulting in ineffective use of resources.

  • The alignment of business objectives, information security, and data privacy is new for many organizations.
  • GDPR is an EU regulation that has global implications.


  • Follow a robust methodology that applies to any organization and aligns operational and situational GDPR scope. This framework allows organizations to tackle GDPR compliance in a right-sized, methodical approach.
  • Adhere to a core, complex GDPR requirement through the use of our documentation templates.
  • Understand how the risk of non-compliance is aligned to your organization's functions and data scope.
  • This blueprint will guide you through projects and steps that will result in quick-wins for near-term compliance.
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