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Master the Secrets of Vmware Licensing to Maximize Your Investment

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Master the Secrets of Vmware Licensing to Maximize Your Investment
Published: May 30, 2018 Content info: 41 Pages


This is a BLUEPRINT designed for IT and business professionals that need practical best-practice research, tools, and templates to Master the Secrets of Vmware Licensing.

The mechanics of negotiating a deal with Vmware may seem simple at first as the vendor is willing to provide a heavy discount on an Enterprise License Agreement (ELA). However, come renewal time, when a reduction in spend or shelfware is needed, or to exit the ELA altogether, the process can be exceedingly frustrating as Vmware holds the balance of power in the negotiation.

Negotiating a complete agreement with Vmware from the start can save you from an immense headache and unforeseen expenditures. Many Vmware customers do not realize that the terms and conditions in the Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) and Enterprise Purchasing Program (EPP) agreements limit how and where they are able to use their licenses.

Furthermore, after the renewal is complete, organizations must still worry about the management of various license types, accurate discovery of what has been deployed, visibility into license key assignments, and over and under use of licenses.

Preventive and proactive measures enclosed within this blueprint will help Vmware clients mitigate this minefield of challenges.

This research will help you:

  • 1. Understand and simplify licensing per product to help optimize spend.
  • 2. Ensure agreement type is aligned to needs.
  • 3. Navigate the purchase process to negotiate from a position of strength.
  • 4. Manage licenses more effectively to avoid compliance issues, audits, and unnecessary purchases.

Executive Summary


  • Vmware's dominant market position and ownership of the virtualization market is forcing customers to focus on managing capacity demand to ensure a positive ROI on every license.
  • The trend towards a hybrid cloud for many organizations, especially those considering using Vmware in public clouds, results in confusion regarding licensing and compliance scenarios.


  • A lack of understanding around Vmware's licensing models, bundles, and negotiation tactics makes it difficult to negotiate from a position of strength.
  • Unfriendly commercial practices combined with hyperlink-ridden agreements have left organizations vulnerable to audits and large shortfall payments.

There are four practical Excel tools to accompany the best-practice research:

  • 1. Vmware Business as Usual - Install Base SnS Renewal only Tool
  • 2. Vmware ELA RFQ Template
  • 3. VPP Transactional Purchase Tool
  • 4. Vmware ELA Analysis Tool

ELAs come in several purchasing models and do not contain the EULA or various Vmware product guide documentation that governs license usage rules and can change monthly.


  • Take the time to carefully read through any current agreements with Vmware and be ready to take proactive action based on the various terms and conditions specific to your agreement.
  • Understand Vmware's business model with various license types and contracting methods, as shelfware and over spending are common.
  • Gain visibility into Vmware deployments and licensing needs with a strong SAM program or tool; this will go a long way towards optimizing spend.
  • Ensure compliance with internal audits. Vmware compliance issues can stem from license type, license overuse, inaccurate discovery, and misunderstanding of contract language such as geographic rights.
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