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Select a Marketing Management Suite

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Select a Marketing Management Suite
Published: May 9, 2018 Content info: 91 Pages

Navigate the complexity of a vast ecosystem by taking a structured approach to marketing management suite (MMS) selection.

Marketing applications are in high demand, but it is difficult to select a suite that is right for your organization. Market offerings have grown from 50 vendors to over 800 in the past five years. Much of the process of identifying an appropriate vendor is not about the vendor at all, but rather about having a comprehensive understanding of internal needs. There are instances where a smaller-point solution is necessary to satisfy requirements and a full marketing management suite is an overinvestment.

Likewise, a partner with differentiating features such as AI-driven workflows and a mobile software development kit can act as a powerful extension of an overall customer experience management strategy. It is crucial to make the right decision; missing the mark on an MMS selection will have a direct impact on the business' bottom line.

This research is designed for any organization looking to procure an MMS tool that will allow it to automate its marketing processes or learn more about the MMS vendor landscape. This research will help you:

  • 1. Understand today's MMS market, specific to marketing automation, marketing intelligence, and social marketing use-case scenarios.
  • 2. Understand MMS functionality as well as marketing terminology.
  • 3. Follow best practices to prepare for and execute on selection, including requirements gathering and vendor evaluation.

Executive Summary


The MMS market is a landscape of vendors offering campaign management, multichannel support, analytics, and publishing tools. Many vendors specialize in some of these areas but not all. Sometimes multiple products are necessary - but determining which feature sets the organization truly needs can be a challenging task. The right technology stack is critical in order to bring automation to marketing initiatives.


  • The first challenge is deciding whether to implement a full marketing suite or a point solution.
  • The number of marketing suites and point solutions has increased from 50 to more than 800 just in the past five years.
  • IT is receiving a growing number of marketing analytics requests and must be prepared to speak intelligently about marketing management vendor selection.


  • Leverage Info-Tech's comprehensive three-phase approach to MMS selection projects: assess your organization's preparedness to go into the selection stage, move through technology selection, and present decisions to stakeholders.
  • Conduct an MMS project preparedness assessment to ensure you maximize the value of your time, effort, and spend.
  • Determine whether your organization's needs will best be met by a marketing management suite or a point solution.
  • Determine which use case your organization fits into and review the relevant vendor landscape, common capability, and areas of product differentiation. Consult Info-Tech's market analysis to shortlist vendors for your RFP process.
  • Take advantage of traceable and auditable selection tools to run an effective evaluation and selection process. Be prepared to answer the retroactive question "Why this MMS?" with documentation of your selection process and outputs.

The Blueprint is accompanied with:

  • 1. MMS Readiness Assessment Checlist (Word)
  • 2. MMS Requirements Picklist Tool (Excel)
  • 3. MMS RFP Template (Word)
  • 4. MMS Vendor Demo Script (Word)
  • 5. MMS Selection Executive Presentation Template (PowerPoint)
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