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Main Trends in the Technology, Media, and Telecom Sector: From Infrastructure to Services - the Rise of Ecosystems

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This study places the key digital technologies which are being adopted into a broad yet deep perspective.

The choice of the most promising infrastructure and services in the period ahead is based on a diversity of sources. They range from existing third-party analysis and the informed views of IDATE's technology analysts to many interviews conducted among the technology expert and innovator community.

The study offers an analysis on how these infrastructure and services could affect business ecosystems and market uptakes.

  • "Infrastructure" covers five domains: 5G, 6G, Open RAN, Fixed gigabit networks and private investments in infrastructure.
  • "Services" covers five domains: metaverse, future of tech, cybersecurity, smart mobility and future of work.

To deepen the perspective even further, the report includes technological forecasts from other IDATE studies, in particular 5G and FTTx World Markets.

The Services section outlines the maturity and adoption levels of technologies.

Product Code: M00055MR

Table of Contents

1. Infrastructure

  • 1.1. Continuing the 5G journey
  • 1.2. Paving the way to 6G
  • 1.3. Open RAN
  • 1.4. Fixed gigabit market
  • 1.5. Private investments in telecom infrastructure

2. Services

  • 2.1. Metaverse
  • 2.2. The future of tech services
  • 2.3. Cybersecurity
  • 2.4. Smart mobility
  • 2.5. Future of work
Product Code: M00055MR

List of Tables

1. Infrastructure

  • Figure 1: 5G subscriptions in the world by use case, 2020-2027 (million)
  • Figure 2: 5G revenues in the world by use case, 2020-2027 (million)
  • Figure 3: Key drivers for 2G and 3G network shutdowns
  • Figure 4: Areas of innovation
  • Figure 5: 6G roadmap
  • Figure 6: 6G value drivers
  • Figure 7: Evolution of the global Open RAN market, in billion euros
  • Figure 8: Evolution of subscriptions by technology worldwide (in million)
  • Figure 9: Different stages of switch-off
  • Figure 10: Summary of PON technological characteristics, from GPON to 50G PON
  • Figure 11: Drivers for the current industry transformation
  • Figure 12: Main success indicators
  • Figure 13: Instruments for securing financial drivers

2. Services

  • Figure 14: The multiple layers of the metaverse
  • Figure 15: The new ecosystem Software Republique
  • Figure 16: Snapdragon digital chassis
  • Figure 17: Whim app features
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