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Intra-System Optical Interconnects (Embedded Optical Modules - Market Forecast & Report)

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Intra-System Optical Interconnects (Embedded Optical Modules - Market Forecast & Report)
Published: April 10, 2014 Content info:

This report examines the product segment that embeds optical interconnect technologies inside computer and communication systems. As data rates continue to ramp, signal losses increase to the point that the effective reach of copper cabling and PCB traces on circuit boards shrinks considerably. Intra-system optical interconnects started at 2.5Gbps more than a decade ago and grew slowly to 10Gbps interconnect fabrics, enabling massively-scalable multi-chassis systems from supercomputers to core routers. Proprietary interconnects are now supported by embedded optical modules and MSA-based active optical cables and transceivers, such as CXP and CDFP.

At 25Gbps and beyond, the amount of signal compensating electronics needed is growing along with cost and power consumption. When speed, reach, interconnect density and power limitations align to exceed the limits of copper, intra-system optical interconnects are ready to support the next generations of system equipment.

This is an update of the Embedded Optical Modules Report published in May of 2012, and incorporates new information from numerous interviews across the supply chain and consumption side of the industry.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


What are Intra---System Optical Interconnects?

Report Objective

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Intra---System Optical Interconnects - Still a Developing Business

  • What Is An Embedded Optical Module?
  • Active Optical Cables & Pluggable Transceivers can also be "Intra---System Optical Interconnects"
    • Main Adoption Limiting Factors
    • EOMs are (essentially) a New Transceiver Market Segment
    • EOM --- Transceiver Interoperability
    • Next Industry Move --- Optics Next To Big ASICs
  • Market Interest in Optical Interconnects renewed in 2014
    • Who are the Intra---System Optical Interconnect Suppliers and Demonstrators Today?
    • Traditional Transceiver Business
    • A Rush of New Optical Interconnect Offerings Soon
    • The EOM business is much different!
  • What Problems Do EOMs Address?
    • Signal Integrity
    • Power and Heat
    • Latency --- An Increasing Problem
    • High Interconnect Density
    • Optical Interconnect/EOM Features and Benefits Summary
  • How Will Optical Interconnects/EOMs be Used?
  • Companies Look to HPC Architectures to Solve Traditional Data Center Issues
  • EOMs Are Not New
    • Adoption in HPCs Spawned Current Generation EOMs
  • EOM Product Evolution
  • EOM Market Development
    • Changing the Engineering Mindset about Optics
    • Chip Packages Are Already Enormous
  • Electrical Interfaces for Optical Interconnects
  • What Happens Next at 40G and 50/56G?
    • 25G VCSELs are NOT the Last Stop!
    • Are Silicon photonics and PICs a Solution?
  • EOM Technical Dynamics

Chapter 2: Optical Interconnect Applications & Markets

  • Introduction
  • High Performance Computers and Storage Systems
    • The IBM Power 7 based Series of Supercomputers
    • Other Large Supercomputers
    • The Future Market for Optical Interconnects in Supercomputers
    • The Future Market for Optical Interconnects in other High Performance Computing
  • Core Routing Systems
    • The Future Market for Optical Interconnects in Core Routers
    • Compass EOS Creates a New Type of Core Router and Optical Interconnect
  • Datacenter Switching
  • High---performance Servers / Disaggregated Rack Systems
  • Optical Backplanes
    • The Limit of Copper Backplanes
  • Military Applications
  • Industrial, Professional, Commercial and Consumer

Chapter 3: Products

  • EOM Product Issues
  • Transceivers and Active Optical Cables for Intra---System Optical Interconnects
    • CXP Transceivers and CXP Active Optical Cables
    • A new 400G Interconnect: The CDFP MSA

Chapter 4: Intra---System Optical Interconnect Vendors

  • Advanced Photonics, Inc. / Sony
  • Avago Technologies
  • FCI
  • Finisar
  • Fujitsu Optical Components
  • GigaLight
  • HIROSE Electric Co. Ltd.
  • Hitachi Cable
  • Molex/Luxtera
  • Optech
  • Reflex Photonics
  • Samtec
  • TE Connectivity
  • Ultra Communications, Inc.

Chapter 5: Forecast and Analysis

  • Application Segments
    • Product Segments
  • Revenue Forecast and Analysis
    • Revenue Forecast by Data Rate
    • Revenue Forecast by Interconnect Design
    • Revenue Forecast by Form Factor
  • Unit Shipment Forecast and Analysis
    • Unit Shipment Forecast by Data Rate
    • Unit Shipment Forecast by Interconnect Design
    • Unit Shipment Forecast by Form Factor
  • Pricing Forecast and Analysis
    • Average Selling Prices by Data Rate
    • Average Selling Prices by Form Factor
  • Forecast by Applications
  • Conclusion
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