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6 Reports Bundle: Immunotherapeutics Targeting MAGE-A, NY-ESO-1, hTERT, WT1, PRAME and Survivin

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6 Reports Bundle: Immunotherapeutics Targeting MAGE-A, NY-ESO-1, hTERT, WT1, PRAME and Survivin
Published: June 12, 2018 Content info:

Intracellular cancer targets are estimated to be 3-4 times more frequent than surface protein targets. However, these intracellular cancer targets are not accessible to traditional monoclonal antibody or chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy. The six reports of this package are covering immunotherapeutics against six important intracellular cancer targets:

  • Melanoma-associated antigen A: MAGE-A
  • New York esophageal squamous cell carcinoma-1: NY-ESO-1
  • Human telomerase reverse transcriptase: hTERT
  • Wilms' tumor 1: WT1
  • Preferentially expressed antigen in melanoma: PRAME
  • Survivin

This report package includes six Competitor Analysis reports covering immunotherapeutics directed to six different important cancer targets. The original reports were published in May and June 2018, respectively:

  • Competitor Analysis: MAGE-A-Targeted Immunotherapy
  • Competitor Analysis: NY-ESO-1-Targeted Immunotherapy
  • Competitor Analysis: hTERT-Targeted Immunotherapy
  • Competitor Analysis: WT1-Targeted Immunotherapy
  • Competitor Analysis: PRAME-Targeted Immunotherapy
  • Competitor Analysis: Survivin-Targeted Immunotherapy

Detailed report descriptions and tables of contents from the reports can be found on the respective product page. The reports can be acquired separately or as a package with a 40% discount on list prices.

About Competitor Analysis Series:

The Competitor Analysis Series delivers NO-FRILLS, but concise information about the pipeline of R&D projects for targets, diseases, technologies and companies at low prices. The information is provided in a tabular format and fully referenced.

Table of Contents
Product Code: LMCA0173

Table of Contents

Competitor Analysis: MAGE-A-Targeted Immunotherapy

1) MAGE-A-Targeted Immunotherapy:

  • MAGE-A1
  • MAGE-A3
  • MAGE-A4
  • MAGE-A6
  • MAGE-A10
  • MAGE-A12

2) Corporate & Institutional MAGE-A Immunotherapy R&D Pipelines

Competitor Analysis: NY-ESO-1-Targeted Immunotherapy

1) NY-ESO-1-Targeted Immunotherapy

  • NY-ESO-1 Selective Cancer Vaccines
  • NY-ESO-1 Specific, Multi-Target Cancer Vaccines
  • NY-ESO-1 Selective Adoptive Cell Therapy
  • NY-ESO-1 Specific, Multi-Target Adoptive Cell Therapy
  • NY-ESO-1 Selective Recombinant Antibodies & Proteins

2) Corporate & Institutional NY-ESO-1 Immunotherapy R&D Pipelines

Competitor Analysis: hTERT-Targeted Immunotherapy

1) hTERT-Targeted Immunotherapy

  • hTERT-Selective Cancer Vaccines
  • hTERT-Specific, Multi-Target Cancer Vaccines
  • hTERT-Targeted Adoptive Cell Therapy
  • Other hTERT-Targeted Immunotherapies

2) Corporate & Institutional hTERT Immunotherapy R&D Pipelines

Competitor Analysis: WT1-Targeted Immunotherapy

1) WT1-Targeted Immunotherapy

  • Selective WT1-Targeted Vaccines
  • WT1-Specific, Multi-Target Vaccines
  • WT1-Selective Adoptive Cell Therapy
  • WT1-Specific, Multi-Target Adoptive Cell Therapy
  • WT1-Targeted Antibodies

2) Corporate & Institutional WT1 Immunotherapy R&D Pipelines

Competitor Analysis: PRAME-Targeted Immunotherapy

1) PRAME-Targeted Immunotherapy

  • PRAME-Targeted Selective and Multi-Antigen Cancer Vaccines
  • PRAME-Selective Cellular & Recombinant Immunotherapies
  • PRAME-Specific, Multi-Target Adoptive Cell Therapy

2) Corporate & Insitutional PRAME Immunotherapy R&D Pipelines

Competitor Analysis: Survivin-Targeted Immunotherapy

1) Survivin-Targeted Immunotherapy

  • Survivin-Selective Cancer Vaccines
  • Survivin-Specific, Multi-Antigen Cancer Vaccines
  • Survivin-Selective Adoptive T-Cell Therapy & Oncolytic Viral Immunotherapy
  • Survivin-Specific, Multi-Target Adoptive T-Cell Therapy

2) Corporate Survivin Immunotherapy R&D Pipelines

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