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Top Academics and Institutions in Water Research 2013

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Top Academics and Institutions in Water Research 2013
Published: March 28, 2013 Content info: 22 Pages

As water efficiency becomes a priority for countries around the world, well-funded universities and institutes are proliferating. The research arising from these programs will transform the water space, but for a corporation or investor, finding the best university or institute partnerships is often hit or miss. We take the guesswork out of the equation by naming the top universities and institutes worldwide, and profile key thought leaders. To facilitate engagement, we outline best practice for partnering with academic research, and interview top professors on their research and their vision of changes in the water space over the next 15 years.

Table of Contents
Product Code: LRWI-R-13-1

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Landscape
    • Academic Collaborations Leverage Cutting-Edge Research and Thinking
      • Top Universities: Our Methodology Focuses on Impactful Water Research
      • Top Ranked Schools: Pouring in Government Funds, Singapore Tops the List
      • Location Plays a Major Part in Water Research
    • Universities Leverage Grant Money, but are hungry for More
    • Top Universities in Individual Fields
      • Top universities in desalination:
      • Top Universities in Membranes
      • Top Universities in Drinking Water
      • Top Universities in Wastewater
      • Top Universities in Water Reuse
    • Academic Research Outside the University: National Institutes
    • Finding a Good Collaboration Requires More Than a Shiny University Coat of Arms
      • Profile: MIT Seeks to Create a Room Full of the Smartest People in the Room
      • Making the Smartest People in the Room Model Work with Your Business
    • Landscape Conclusions
  • Analysis
    • Thought Leaders: Visions for the Future of Water
    • Finding the Thought Leaders
      • Professor Dominic Foo, University of Nottingham, Malaysia: Creating Tools for Rational Water ReuseENDNOTE
      • Professor Gary Amy, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Scaling Up Innovative Desalination and Reuse Technologies
      • Professor Stephen Gray, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia: Applied Research into Industrial Treatment and Reuse
      • Professor Tai-Shung Chung, National University of Singapore, Singapore: World-Class Membranes for Forward Osmosis and Membrane Distillation
      • Professor Raphael Semiat, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel: Membrane Desalination and Nanoparticle Treatment
      • Professor Shane Snyder, University of Arizona, USA: Measuring emerging contaminants and pilot testing new treatments
      • Professor Saravanamuth Vigneswaran, University of Technology Sydney, Australia: Fine-Tuning Reverse Osmosis and Finding Efficient Applications for Forward Osmosis
  • Outlook
  • About Lux Research
  • Endnotes
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